How 5G Can Revolutionize the Indian Market

The rate at which new technologies arise in the telecom field is nothing short of amazing. I still remember using the Samsung Corby running Java OS and using a BSNL 2G network. This was like 9 years ago. Although 2G and JAVA phones are still around, they have become restricted to the basic mobile phones that you gift your grandparents.

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Jio Fiber Plans Review – Facts and Myths

Remember when Jio revolutionized the Indian Telecom industry and brought us cheaper internet? Well, they have stepped into yet another terrain looking to dominate and destroy any competition. Jio fiber is the new talk of the town. Jio fiber is a broadband connection aiming to deliver high-speed internet service just like its cellular version.

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How to Lock Google Chrome with a Password

The need for locking the Google Chrome browser on your PC varies from person to person. If you share your PC with other people, you can make a user account for yourself on chrome. This account alone can be password locked. But you need to make sure that other user accounts are also present in Chrome or else others may not be able to use Chrome at all.

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AMOLED vs IPS LCD : Which is the Better Display Technology?

Are you curious about the terms AMOLED, Super AMOLED, IPS, infinity display, etc which you may have seen among the specifications of your mobile phones and Tablets? These are of course different versions of display technologies of our times. All the major tech giants like Apple, Samsung, One Plus use one among these technologies for building the displays of their Apple phones or Galaxy Notes.

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8 Best Chrome Extensions to Get Shopping Discount Coupons

In the era of online shopping, nothing makes users happier than availing discounts, cashback and offers on their favorite products. However, browsing the entire internet for the coupons and cashback offers is not feasible. It is just time-consuming and not worth the effort. However, there are many extensions available on the Google Chrome store that collects the coupon codes from all over the internet and makes them available to you a finger click away.

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