What to do if you forget your gmail ID in 2020-Solved

.The problem with forgetting an email ID wasn’t a big deal in the past. You simply get a new one if all things go wrong. But in 2020, with everything linked with everything else online, forgetting your email ID is disastrous. You require your Gmail ID to access Gmail, google drive, google pay, youtube, and any government/banking websites where you registered using your Gmail ID.

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Google Pixel XL Bluetooth problem: Solved!

Google Pixel XL users have been experiencing Bluetooth issues after the latest Android 10 update. Some have had issues connecting their Pixel phone to their cars or other Bluetooth accessories. In this article, we list a few quick fixes to solve these connection issues.


Easy Fixes

Primary Fix

First of all, try the most basic fixes to see if it solves issues with Bluetooth on your Google Pixel phones.

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How to Speed up System Animations in Redmi phones

Transitions when you swipe your home screen or when you switch between apps can look amazing. Many launchers are available on the playstore providing these slick transitions. But it takes its toll on the system performance. Your phone will slow down considerably if you are not careful.

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Redmi Note Charging issues: Solved!

A common problem that occurs with Android phones, in general, is the issue with charging. This also happens sometimes with the Redmi Note model phones. Follow the steps below if your phone is not charging, isn’t starting or even turning on. You can also try the steps below if your phone screen is stuck on a black screen or immediately turns off after turning on.

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5 Ways to speed up your Redmi K20

Redmi phones have always been a favorite among mid-range users ever since its launch back in 2013. One of the latest models launched by Xiaomi in this series is the Redmi K20.In this article, we list a few quick fixes and methods to improve the speed and performance of the Redmi K20.

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How to activate Universal MI Remote?

In the earlier days, set-top boxes were only seen for TVs using DTH services. Using multiple remotes, one for TV and one for the set-top box has become the norm in Indian households as of late. This step came after the digitalization of cable TV was made compulsory by the government of India.

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Make Whatsapp Status using MIUI Gallery Video Editor.

Long gone are the days when Galleries were just apps used to view the collection of photos and videos at your disposal. After the latest updates, MIUI now enables you to make WhatsApp statuses, edit videos for your Instagram stories, etc using its Gallery Video Editor. Let us take a look at the features provided by this powerful video editor.

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