Are OnePlus Smartphones Any Good as Before?

OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer popular for making high-quality Android phones at lower prices than Apple and Samsung. They have been hugely popular among Android users ever since their launch in 2014. Lately, more smartphone manufacturers like Asus and Xiaomi have stepped up their game to conquer the Android smartphone markets.

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Redmi K20 – Tweaks in Settings for Increasing Battery Life

Xiaomi Redmi K20 is the cheapest Snapdragon 855 based smartphone in the market. It comes with high-end specs bound to satisfy a different array of users. However, just like every other Android phone on the market, battery life saving is a priority among the users. In this article, we bring you a few tweaks that can be applied to your phone’s settings to extend battery life.

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AMOLED vs IPS LCD : Which is the Better Display Technology?

Are you curious about the terms AMOLED, Super AMOLED, IPS, infinity display, etc which you may have seen among the specifications of your mobile phones and Tablets? These are of course different versions of display technologies of our times. All the major tech giants like Apple, Samsung, One Plus use one among these technologies for building the displays of their Apple phones or Galaxy Notes.

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Best 10 Travel Apps for Solo Travelers

Planning and executing a solo trip anywhere in the world is easier now than ever before. With an abundant of apps for solo travelers available on the Google Playstore to guide you through every step of your journey, a safe and memorable trip is guaranteed. All you require is a smartphone with an internet connection and the following apps and you are good to go.

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