I had been using wired headphones for a long time. I bought my first headphone (wired) back in 2012 Sennheiser HD 202, and it served me well so far with amazing sound quality. But when it was time for me to buy a new pair of headphones I have decided to take it to the next level and go for a pair of wireless bluetooth headphones. Now I have both wired and wireless headphones with me. So what’s the deal with wireless headphones?. Well for starters, they don’t have wires, but I know that should not be point we should be talking about. In this post we are going to discuss about advantages and disadvantage of wireless headphones compared to wired headphones. Wired vs Wireless headphones are still a debate topic when it comes to sound quality which we are going to talk further down the post. Here’s we go with pros and cons of wireless headphones.

wireless freedomAdvantages of wireless headphones

They don’t have wires

Not having wires is actually really helpful in reality. This is because you wont have to deal with things like tangled wires or loose cables that have to be held just right to work. Using wireless headphones, you get a sense of freedom that you really wouldn’t value too much until you have actually used them. The scenarios include things like moving around your room if you want to get some water, or just walking around the entire house when you are on a Skype call.

Once you have started using them, you will not even realise how many times you have walked around your house without cutting the audio instead of silly wired headphones that restricted you for all these years. The range on wireless headphones are usually pretty good so it gives you a lot of flexibility and convenience when you’re just moving around the house. When it comes to wired headphones, it is a major disadvantage that it is usually very bulky, they limit your freedom of movement because of those wires.

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Wireless headphones do not compromise on sound quality

Wireless headphones are obviously going to be more expensive but if you are buying a good pair you wont have to worry about loosing audio quality. You will get exact same experience you would from wired headphones and I know it is a pretty big concern for people like musicians or people who work in a music studio. You seriously downgrading your audio if you’re looking at buying good quality wireless headphones.

As I already mentioned, wireless headphones can be very expensive. If you’re looking at audio quality, you’ll probably be paying something around double the price of a wired counterpart. The starting range of a decent wireless headphone would be around $ 150, and this price mark is around where you are going to want to look at. Because if you are buying wireless headphones, it really doesn’t make much sense to be on a tight budget.

If you’re willing to spend the same money on wired headphones as you offer wireless, you get a lot of additional features like a dedicated mix amp or a headphones stand. These are things you just cant expect if you’re going wireless.

They can be used as wired too

If you run out of battery, or you need to play something which doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity, wireless headphones are capable of working as a normal wired headphone. Most of the wireless headphone comes with a 3.5mm port and aux cable which lets you do this.

Disadvantages of  Wireless Headphones

They’re Expensive

We have already covered this in the above but we cant actually see it a as pro. Since the wired headphone which possesses the same build quality and sound quality costs almost half of than a wireless headphone which gives the same thing. If you spend the same amount of money on a wired headphone you could get many additional features and a studio quality headphone where in place of a sloppy sounding wireless headphone.

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Cheap wireless headphones compromises on sound quality

Wireless headphones normally compress the sound to be transferred over the air. This causes details to be lost when it reaches the headphone. But expensive headphones use better bluetooth technology to reduce the loses and maximize sound quality.

Battery needs to be charged frequently

This wont be an issue for all the wireless headphones, but it is an issue that can be annoying to you to realize that you didn’t charge the earphones since the last time you’d used it. Wireless headphones run out of battery pretty quickly if you’ve got headphones that has LED’s (Some gaming headphones has it). If you’re used to going wireless, then you’re bound by those wires when it is charging and it feels very restrictive and it is a lot worse than having a regular wired headphone.

This can be a good thing fo you though. When it comes to charging the headphones, it gives me a reason to get off the PC and do something productive in real life. So at the same time, this is a pro ad well as action for wireless headset according to me.

Wireless headphones do not last wired headphones

It is an obvious fact that, when complexity increases things get expired soon. Same applies to wireless headphones too. Compared to a wired headphone, Wireless headphones has a complicated design and parts are complicated than a nor mal wired headphone. It has additionally, battery, wireless transceiver, and many other modules supports them. So in reality, wireless headphones tends to last less compared to wired headsets.

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