There has been an internet hoax recently about Chinese smartphone companies. Today I have read somewhere that Government of India if going to ban all Chinese smartphones which are having 91 series IMEI number. According to this, all major Chinese smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo are on their way to stop all operations in India.

The above “fake” news is even broadcasted by many regional channels. The report also says that the Government is going to give a notification on this very soon. It says the smartphones these companies sell in India has IMEI number starting with 86 which is of china which the Government is planning to put a stop. The report also mentioned that the after sales service of these smartphones will not be provided by the concerned companies and warns the customers that they will not be able to move legally to get the service.

Well, is there any truth behind this? The answer is NO. It seems to be completely a paid news in the media by other smartphone makers who sells in India that are not from china. The Indian Government has not announced anything of such till the time of writing this post.

Reality check

If you look at the figures, we can easily find the reason behind all this. Indian smartphone market has reached  27 million this year and counting. According to IDC India, China based mobile phone vendors has captured around 51.4% market share where the Indian vendors market share  dropped to 13.5% from 40.5 %. This shows that the china based smartphone manufactures are causing serious trouble to other vendors in India.

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smartphone market share in india

If you analyze the reasons behind the success of Chinese smartphones, we can see that they have constantly provided value-for-money devices and superior after sales service compared to other smartphone makers. For example, Xiaomi used to sell its smartphone only through online but they are slowly building up their offline market. Through smartphones like Redmi note 3 they have built their base in India and now Redmi Note 4 is one of the popular smartphone in India. Oppo and Vivo are already made their presence in their own stores even in small cities in the country.

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