The developer beta ROM has released months ago and there is confirmation from XIaomi that they will be releasing the MIUI version soon. There are millions of smartphones eagerly waiting for the stable release of MIUI 9. Well, Redmi Note 3 is also there in the list.

The main attraction in MIUI 9 would be its split screen feature. It allows multiple apps to run simultaneously in the screen. This means that you dont have to switch between apps every now and then. The fact is that, split screen is not an innovation from Xiaomi, because Google has introduced it along with Nougat version of android(Android 7). Smartphones which are running the Nougat already enjoying this feature.

Lets come to the topic. Will Xiaomi’s King smartphone in 2016 will get the split screen feature?. The answer is NO as per current announcements from the company. The MIUI 9 update in Redmi note 3 is based on Android Marshmallow. Split screen feature basically needs the Nougat kernel. Out of 36 models which would get the MIUI 9 update, only 16 smartphones would have the split screen feature included. This basically means that only these device will get the Nougat update.

Here’s the list of those devices which will get split screen feature:

xiaomi announcement

Mi Mix, Mi Note 2, Mi 6, Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Mi 5, Mi 5s, and Mi 5s Plus. Others include the Mi 5c, the newly launched Mi 5x, Mi 4S, Mi 4c, Mi Note top-end version, Redmi Note 4X-Qualcomm version, Redmi 4X and Mi 3.

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Obviously this is sad news for RN3 owners since its only an year and half since RN3 was introduced. There are custom ROMS available which is based on Nougat and supports split screen but they are kind of buggy and will definitely ruin the experience.

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  1. I heard that the miui team is working on split screen mode for RN3 on marshmallow…so it will possible or not ?
    I hope they will provide atleast split screen mode for RN3…
    If you heard any announcements related to this…then let me know plz..
    Thank you.!!!

    1. There is no official update from Xiaomi about Redmi note 3 is going to receive split screen feature.

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