WiFi router is the source of your WiFi at home.  Here’ we are going to discuss WiFi routers, different types of WiFi routers, and what you should know before buying a WiFi router.

What are WiFi routers?

It is an electronic device whose purpose is to provide wireless internet to any device connected to it via WiFi.It transmits the data to and from the internet cable that arrives at your home to your smart devices. The data signal arriving at the Router from the server is via cable and then it uses radio signals to transmit data packets to your smart devices. These devices can be mobile phones, PCs, tablets, laptops, Xbox, Playstation, Television or even a thermostat.

WiFi routers - how do they work?

How does a WiFi Router work?

  • The internet connection that arrives at your home through cable is split into different ‘ packets ‘. This splitting process is the job of a WiFi router.
  • The router decided which packets are sent to which device.

How to Choose a WiFi Router?

Modern WiFi router is a powerful device capable of multistation throughput of up to 1 Gbps. These routers support playing up to sixty youtube videos simultaneously. That’s how powerful these modern routers are compared to the first generation routers which supported speeds up to 2Mbps. These days WiFi routers are not only fast and powerful but they are smart as well. They are capable of focussing the WiFi signal where it is needed the most.

Wireless Router Standards

Any router that supports the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard should be fast enough and secure enough to use at home. This wireless standard determines the speed and range of your WiFi.

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Wireless Router Security

WiFi routers these days are highly secure compared to their older versions with a lot of security and privacy protocols established to protect your identity and information online. They use the standard WEP securities. Wired Equivalent Privacy is a security algorithm for wireless networks using the 802.11 wireless standards.

What’s a Wireless Modem Router?

As the name suggests, a Wireless MODEM Router does the jobs of both a MODEM and a Router. Most quality MODEMS today come with this feature combined so that you do not have to purchase and extra router if you are living in a single-storied building. However, if you stay in double storied buildings. A Wireless MODEM Router won’t have enough strength to provide the signal on the top floor. In that case, you can buy an external WiFi Router.

 How to efficiently set up a WiFi router?

  • Location

The placement of a router is of prime importance as far as strong WiFi signal reception is concerned.  The place where you put the router should be free from any obstructions and also avoid interference with devices such as microwaves or cordless phones.

  • Security

The router password should be changed manually from the default value. For this, you would have to access the administration panel of the router. Set the security standard to WPA2 for a maximum secure connection.

  • Firmware

Upgrade the firmware of the router whenever they are available for increasing the performance.

  • Number of Routers

Depending on the size of the building one or more routers may be required. If you live in a multistoried building, you can make use of Mesh Networking. Read about Mesh networking here.

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Which router should you buy?

These are some of the best WiFi routers available in the market.

TP-Link Archer C2300WiFi routers

  • The Archer provides incredible speed up to 2.3 GBPS that is capable of comfortable 4K streaming.
  • MU-MIMO technology allows multiple users to connect to it without any speed loss.
  • It provides  Router level virus protection and parental controls thus protecting all your information.
  • Smooth performance and multitasking capabilities.

Linksys Max-Stream EA7500

  • It provides fast WiFi and works with your existing MODEM.
  • High speeds enable 4K streaming and gaming without buffering.
  • MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) allows the connection of WiFi to multiple devices.

Asus RT-AC58U

  • It enables smooth streaming for 4K videos on youtube and Netflix.
  • It can connect to multiple devices and has 128 MB memory for multi-device performance.
  • Has external antennas with radar providing a large WiFi range.
  • Has parental controls to monitor and filter internet usage for children.

Is Ethernet connection possible on Wifi Routers?

Yes. Many routers also include an ethernet port. This function is present for connecting to the likes of PCs which are permanently located at a place. Afterall, ethernet is more stable for high bandwidth applications like streaming on Twitch or Youtube or for online games.

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