Samsung has just launched its newer model of Galaxy watch series, the Galaxy watches Active 2. Improving upon a few shortcomings of its predecessor, the Galaxy watch Active, the newer model is a much-anticipated version. Here we look at the features of Galaxy Active 2 and compare it with the Apple Watch 4.

Reasons to buy Galaxy Active 2

Features of Active 2


  • While its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Active came in a single 40mm case, the new Active 2 comes with both 40mm and 44mm casing.
  • As far as color goes, just like its predecessor, the Active 2 comes in Cloud Silver, Aqua Black and Pink Gold Aluminium with fluoroelastomer bands and stainless steel silver, black and gold with leather straps. The LTE version only comes in stainless steel.
  • It has an AMOLED display. The round shape gives it a better look compared o the Apple watches that come in square shapes and look like mini mobile phones with straps rather than smartwatches.
  • For some reason, the rotating bezel was omitted from the Galaxy watch Active even though it was loved by users in the original Galaxy watch. Now Samsung has listened to its users and brought back the physical rotating bezel with added touch-based digital format. Different menu screens can be navigated by sliding your finger through the edge of the display. Initial reports indicated that the rotating bezel was overly sensitive.

Galaxy Active 2 sides


  • Samsung has introduced an ECG sensor and an eight LED heart rate sensor in the Galaxy Active 2. The watch can detect when you fall asleep and then use the heart rate monitor to determine the breakdown of sleep stages.
  • It has another new addition to its arsenal with the running coaching and assistance which uses built-in GPS and a more accurate accelerometer that can track your running speed. The watch has seven different preset running programs that are going to help you to measure your athletic abilities.
  • The Galaxy watch now adds the LTE feature to remove depending on smartphones altogether.
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Water Resistance

  • Both the Samsung and Apple smartwatches are dustproof and water-resistant. Both of them are water-resistant up to 50 meters and can be worn while swimming. They can track your swimming workout. You cannot take it with you on scuba dives. You can use them in any indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
  • Both are sweat-resistant and dustproof.

Reasons to buy Active 2

  • Active 2 has a built-in run coach.
  • It also has a sleep tracker.
  • The Samsung voice assistant Bixby is enabled and can be used to start runs with Bixby
  • You can customize the watch face to match your outfits.

Apple watch series 4


Advantages of Galaxy Active 2 over Apple Watch Series 4

  • It has branded damage resistant glass which is not present in the Apple Watch 4.
  • Compared to the Apple Watch 4, the Galaxy Watch Active has almost 17% more battery power. The Galaxy Active 2 has 340mAh of battery power whereas the Apple Watch has only 291.8mAh of battery power.
  • While Active 2 is compatible with both iOS and Android operating system, the Apple Watch 4 can only be connected to an iPhone.
  • The Galaxy Active 2 has a 5% higher pixel density compared to the Apple Watch Series 4. The newest Galaxy model has 364ppi compared to the 345ppi.
  • The alerts to show the low battery is not present in the Apple watch whereas it is present in Active 2.
  • The Galaxy watch has multi-sport mode and exercise tagging features both of which are absent in the Apple Watch Series 4.


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