Whatsapp Now Allows To Hide ‘Last Seen’ Feature

Now Whatsapp user have the permission to hide their activity time-stamp from other. On Whatsapp as you know you were simply able to find the time since they were online. But as the new update rolls out, you can simply turn it off to hide your online status from others. People used to trick this feature by changing the phone time and switching it to Airplane mode – now it will be more easy to do it.


iOs users of Whatsapp can already had the option of hiding their last seen updates in the app. Now it seems that Whatsapp is rolling out the update across all platforms. The feature is still in beta stage and only available to devices running Android Jelly Bean version 2.1 and above and it wont work on tablets.

How to Hide Last Seen 

It can be disabled from Whatsapp settings itself. After upgrading your app, goto Settings, Account Settings. Now look for an option to disable the feature. You’ll be able to choose hiding the ‘Last Seen’ only from a list of friends, however note that, hide your last seen means you cant view their time stamps too.

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