What’s Next If Adsense Disabled Your Site from Showing Ads?

Millions of bloggers are now there at the blogosphere making their blogs content rich and tries to catch new visitors everyday. Their aim is to get good amount of money from adsense. In India there are thousands of established bloggers having their adsense account filled with thousands of dollar every month. what if you encounter a sudden stop to this money?. You can imagine it because, adsense has it own effect in every bloggers financial base.  Everyone talking about adasense alternatives but so far, I feel  this Google product is the only adnetwork that really pays something to a blog with low visitor count, say 200-4000 visitors per day.  A blog with tons of visitors may use other ad-networks and PPM banners but adsense is the only refuge for most bloggers.adsense

Here’s a few tips that you can follow if your adsense account is got banned from showing ads on a blog/web site you own. It happens when the blog/site with ads showing unacceptable content leads to policy violation or invalid click activity on the site. Only way re-instate your account is to review your website and make necessary changes then use the appeal form from google.

  • Be alert on emails & messages from adsense: You should check your email and adsense account to see there is any messages from them. Usually before disabling a site, they’ll send you a warning notice describing the matter and to make changes on your website. This is important because they may give you 3 days or so to make changes to your site so you’ll get rid of ban. 
  • Make changes to your site : Once you’ve got banned  from showing ads, your chance of being return will be lower. But you have options. After disabling you’re site you should receive a message telling you the fact and why did they ban the site. From the message, you’ll get hints of the reason. In case they pointed out policy violation, do
  1. Read the adsense program policies carefully. Scroll down and read the content policies. Analyse if your website has any of these prohibited contents. 
  2. Delete the contents or revert the post to draft. Make sure that No adsense  on  such pages.
  3. Make a note of what you’ve done.
  • Checkout site log : If you’re affected by invalid click activity – which means clicking on your own ads or click bombing by competitors, you must substantiate this to Adsense officials. So you need to get site activity during the time of invalid click activity was done. 

In case of Policy violation: Use this form to appeal against ban. You need to justify what you’ve done to your site along with the URL that had unpleasant content .

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In case of Invalid Click Activity: Fill up this  form explaining what actually had happened along with your finding from site logs and justification from your part. Usually the chance of regaining the adsense account for invalid click activity is less than that for policy violation. But hope for the best.

Final note: Always keep the adsense enabled websites or blogs compatible with adsense. Never write anything against their policies and matter that affects credibility of google products. Adsense says “To reduce the likelihood of future warnings from us, we suggest that you review all your sites for compliance” . Do so and be successful with adsense. All the best!

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