It was not long ago everyone was going gaga about 4K TVs.Now companies have already upgraded the TV displays to 8K resolution. Many TV buyers are confused these days whether to go for a 4K TV or to wait for the 8K TV prices to go down a bit. But before jumping into a decision to buy 8K TV right away, why don’t we just take a minute and see what is 8K display and is buying 8K TV worth the money?

What Is 8K Display?

So what exactly is 8K?8K is currently the highest ultra HD TV resolution available with around 8000 pixels width. The total horizontal resolution is 7680 pixels and the total vertical resolution is 4320 pixels.

8K videos are sometimes referred to as 4320p. Remember the 4K youtube videos playing at 2160p? It is double for 8K videos. This higher resolution would make the 8K resolution Television four times as sharp at the same size as the 4K Ultra HD Televisions and sixteen times sharper than the standard full HD displays.

8K v/s 4K v/s HD

8K v/s 4K v/s HD


Is 8k TV really worth it?

But the problem is our eyes won’t detect beyond certain sharpness. So let’s say you play a 4K video and an 8K video on a 60″ TV screen, you won’t see any particular difference in the video quality.

So buying an 8K TV by paying a gigantic amount of money would be a total waste of money unless you buy a TV that is the size of your wall. Such a TV would be over 100 inches in size.

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                                                                                          A Wall-Sized TV

Then you would be able to pick up the difference between an 8K video and a 4K video on such a big screen. But TVs of that big size are pointless and even though 8K TVs are out in the market, another problem with buying one of those is that there isn’t enough 8K content out there in the market in 2019.

Also streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime also only have up to 4K UHD content available. And the content quality on your cable TV is still not even 4K. They mostly have 1080i content The best quality available for movies, TV series, and even youtube as of 2019 is 4K UHD. The 8K TV manufacturers in 2019 are claiming the 8K TVs are capable of upscaling your regular 4K content to fit the 8K quality scale.





But still, the quality is not equal to an actual 8K video and paying all that extra money for 8K TV is not justified.

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Another problem with 8K TV

Another huge problem with 8K TV is that at the moment the bandwidth of our internet connection is not always large enough to accommodate 8K streaming as it would take around 50Mbps on one device. So if you use the internet on multiple devices at home, it would require even higher bandwidth.

Prototypes of TVs that take up most of your wall is out there. Gigantic TV combined with an ultra-fast internet connection grouped with studios putting out incredible 8K movies will be a thing for the future for sure.

But it would take some more years to be put into practice and by that time, some other new or cheaper technologies may also come out that would just change the landscape of the TV viewing experience altogether.


8K TV in Tokyo

Lets quickly list out the advantages and disadvantages of 8K TV’s.


  • Wall-sized TV would bring you an amazing TV experience
  • Sharp images ever


  • Less availability of 8K content to play in 8K TV in 2019
  • In order to get the full experience in an 8K TV, you would require a wall-sized TV.
  • You would need ultra-high speed internet to stream 8K content.
  • Hefty price.


Should you buy an 8K TV?

Long and short answer? Buying 8K TV in 2019 even if you could afford the hefty price, would be similar to buying a toilet made of gold. Every video formats would feel like crap when it is played on 8K displays. or to put it more clearly, the 8K resolution would be a waste to have since there aren’t many 8K videos out there to play. So in short,8K videos may become a thing in the future but paying a hefty price for an 8K TV in 2019 is a waste of money.

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