Useful Free Medicine Information Apps & Drug Databases For Android

It’s very helpful for Doctors, Medical students and even for normal people to have a medicine information apps on their phone. This allows doctors for a quick references and also patients to have an idea of what medicine they’re actually taking. There are numerous apps for this in play-store that covers almost all drug information. Some of them will let you order it and allow you to know and compare the prices. Here’s a few of such apps.


1. iPharmacy® Pill ID & Drug Info

This app includes an excellent medical dictionary that’s useful for both customers and health professionals.  It displays information about pills,  indications and usage, usage, adverse reactions etc. It also have built-in medication remainder which helps you to maintain a proper medication schedule.

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2. Micromedex Drug Information

This app contains an excellent dictionary of drugs and you can simply seek information about drugs such as dosage, how to use, common trade names , black box warnings etc.

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3. Cheaper Medicines, Drug Info

It has a comprehensive generic drug search engine from Healthkartplus to help you find out even the rare medicines. It can be useful for finding out cheap medicine alternative for your costly prescription. You can order medicines by uploading the prescription. You can also contribute by adding a drug to the database.

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4. Drugs Dictionary

This app interface is very similar to a  language dictionary and it is simple interface. It has all the information about drugs: uses, how to take, side effects, precautions, drug interactions, missed dose &  storage. Some medicines like Dexamethasone , Prospan are not found although all general drugs are there.

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