Many phones nowadays comes with hybrid SIM card slot. For example, Redmi Note 4, its predecessor Redmi Note 3, Mi A1 and a bunch of other smartphones. A phone has hybrid SIM slot generally means we cant use two SIM cards and micro SD card simultaneously. You can use two SIM cards at a time, or one SIM and a micro SD card.

Why smartphone manufactures like Xiaomi do this?. Well, if you look at the size of their phones that have launched in the past few years, you will understand that these companies are are trying to make the devices thinner and lighter. An additional micro SD card slot means some additional space occupied for that.

Phones like Redmi Note 3 and Redmi Note 4 comes with internal memory as low as 16 GB. After the installation of basic apps and some music, your phone may not be left with enough space to store anything. To use two SIM cards and a micro SD card together in your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, there are some hacks available.

Hybrid SIM-SD card adapters / SIM extender

There are something called Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter available in shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart that costs less than 200 bucks. It basically consist of a thin ribbon circuit wire with one end has a metal interface to connect to the SIM card connectors in smartphone. Other end is where you attach the actual SIM card, and the idea is to keep the SIM card outside of your phone.

hybrid sim slot adapter

Advantages and disadvantages of using Hybrid SIM slot adapter/ SIM extender

Well, the most obvious advantage is you get more storage space on your device. As you might already know, even the 128 GB micro SD cards doesn’t cost much but buying a phone with that amount of memory will empty your pocket easily. These SIM card adapter is just a dirty fix to manage your lack of storage space on your device. Also, these adapters will work on almost any device that have a hybrid dual sim card slot, not just Redmi Note 4. As I already mentioned, it is available for less than 200 Rupees, so dont be hesitant to give it a try.

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SIM pops out at back

The major disadvantage of using a SIM extender adapter is that, some part of the adapter, and the SIM card would be always outside of your smartphone. This will become a problem of aesthetics, as well as there are chances your SIM card will get lost somewhere if you are not careful. So Always use a back cover / pouch for your smartphone if you are using the hybrid SIM adapter.

ugly look of extended adapter

Which is the best Hybrid SIM adapter available out there?

Shockware New Hybrid SIM Slot Adapter, is the one of the popular choice, from the reviews and comments it seems working well with all the devices. It is a Nano to Nano SIM adapter so this is perfect for  Redmi Note 4 which has a nano SIM slot in the hybrid space.

If you do a search in amazon or Flipkart, you will get a lot of adapters from different makers – choose the one carefully that fits to your smartphone.

Other ways to use Dual SIM cards and micro SD card simultaneously in any smartphone.

Well if you dont like the fact that the hybrid slot SIM adapter tool makes your phone¬† looks ugly, there are even dirtier tricks to use dual SIM’s along with micro SD card. That is to make your SIM card thinner. Yes, you have to remove the plastic part of the SIM card by melting it and stick the module to SD card using some kind of glue like FeviQuick.

I dont recommend this because it is very dangerous and you will probably end up damaging your SIM card. Also, if the SIM module is not thin enough, the SIM tray wont get closed. If you are planning to do this, do watch the below video on how to do this.

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