Unlock Your Android Phone If You Forgot Lock Pattern and Gmail Password

Android phones are most used smartphone OS till time around the world. older days, password protection is the only security option for mobile phones to avoid unwanted access and use. As the mobile phones become smartphones, touch input is not odd anymore. The advantage of touchscreens is utilized by android to provide another security option to devices called pattern lock. As you already know, to unlock your phone, just draw a pattern that you set already on the screen. If the drawn pattern matches the pattern stored earlier, it unlocks. APL

By the way, if you enter the wrong pattern more than a 5 times, you will be disabled to draw pattern for next 30 seconds. If you keep entering wrong patterns for total 20 times, you will be prompted to enter your Gmail sign in details which you’ve used to register your device to unlock your phone. The problem arises when you forgot this details. You wont be able to use your phone further until you give the correct data.

One way to overcome this issue is to enter in recovery mode and wipe all user data. This will clear all user settings including pattern lock. This method requires no internet connection, works on almost all handsets. Here’s how to do it:

  • Switch off your android phone.
  • For Samsung Galaxy series phones, and most of other phones you can enter into recovery mode by Pressing and holding VOLUME UP +  HOME + POWER BUTTON. To do this correctly, first hold the volume up button, then the home button while maintaining this state press power button  – take your hand off from all these buttons as soon as the device is switched on.
  • You will be directed to a menu where you can reset your phone to factory state or only  delete the user data, we choose the latter one. Use volume up/down buttons to scroll and press home button to select DELETE ALL USER DATA. Choose YES.
  • This will take a few moments and the phone will be restarted.
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Next time you boot into the system, there will be no pattern lock or anything. Apply all your settings as to your fresh phone.

NOTE: Some android devices use a different method to enter in recovery mode. Search Google to find how this could be done.

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Comments (12)

  1. hii to all
    you can unlock the phone when phone is connected to internet with WIFI or mobile-data.
    so simply switch on the wifi with this few steps and unlock your phone as it was befor being getting locked
    1. call to your no.
    2. receive call double tab the screen to unlock the phone.
    3. slide down the notification bar
    4. switch on wifi or data or both .
    5. connect to any network you can.
    6. enter google id and password as it is how you use on pc to login to mail account.
    7. your phone will ask you the new pattern you want to use to unlock your phone.
    now your ready to use your phone as earlier .


    1. Thanks. . .:-) Just genious trick. . . I’ve just unlock my phone by this way without data losing… Thanks again. . .

      1. i can not switch on wifi or data by this trick
        help me

    2. man u r just awesome it worked for me………you are a genius….hats off

  2. Without Losing Data

    You will be directed to a menu where you can reset your phone to factory state or only delete the user data, we choose the latter one. Use volume up/down buttons to scroll and press home button to select DELETE ALL USER DATA. Choose YES.

    are you know what you write here men

    1. The DATA I mentioned in the title means your apps and installed stuff. USER DATA in the later section means only accounts data. I hope its clear.

      1. hi,, i want to unlock password without erasing any data in phone. lemme know the process.ty

  3. dear please help me out,,my sony xperia m dual phone get locked & i forget the pattern lock

    1. Hello Luckee,

      how did you unlock the sony xperia m dual…mine is locked too..please help me out…


  4. Hi Alekh jain,

    You are awesome. Wonderful trick……… Thank you so much for the best post.

  5. If I use the reset user data, will it delete my pictures I have stored on the phone?

  6. hi,
    My one plus X has been locked. I am still unable to unlock it by following the above steps. I am afraid, my phone data will be lost.
    pls help me out.


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