When MIUI introduced dual apps, people welcomed it just because it was never simple to use two Whatsapp or Skype accounts in same device. I personally use MIUI dual apps on my Redmi Note 3 and find it very convenient as I keep two Whatsapp accounts. One for my work and other for personal use. But there is this annoying issue which first timers of this feature might face. The storage problem with dual apps.

The problem

If you try to download anything which requires the storage permission, it simply won’t work. For example, if I try to click on the “Download” icon of the received image or video, it just does nothing. No error messages or warning which would give a clue.

What causes this issue?

The problem is your MIUI device doesn’t automatically give all the permissions to the new born secondary apps when you use dual apps. The solution is that you have to manually give permissions your app needs. As Whatsapp never asks for storage permissions on its own, you need to know and give it.

How to fix the media download issue in Whatsapp on MIUI dual apps

Here’s how you are going to fix it:

  • Open Settings in your MIUI
  • Search for  “permissions”, tap on it from the search results

  • Tap on Storage
  • Scroll down and find the Whatspp  secondary app you have recently created, and toggle the button to turn on the permissions.

  • You’re good to go.

Now, you shouldn’t be facing any issues while downloading a picture or video from Whatsapp. If you are still not able to download images/ media from secondary Whatsapp, try removing the new Whatsapp by disabling the dual apps, then turn it back on. This will erase the data but you should be able to get rid of the download problem.

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