Two Google Chrome Word Count Extensions For Bloggers

The new SEO tips and advice from various search engine marketing consultancies all pointing to quality content both rich in words and originality. So when we write a blog post, sometimes it is necessary to count how much we’ve written. Popular web browsers like Google chrome has various extensions that can count the words in a selected paragraph and display it. This is very helpful for bloggers who wants to know how many words are there in their blog post, writers to keep track of on how many words they’ve written. Here I recommend two such extensions that can be installed on chrome and use readily.


Word Count Tool

This is a simply install and use tool. It counts the number of characters and words in the selected text and displays it. To count the words, just select the required text and right click >> Word count tool. Now a detailed information about number of word and characters, paragraphs, sentence length, word length etc will be displayed in the bottom right side. The extension can be used very easily and it it readily display the information.


Word Count

This is a similar extension as just above. It also adds an option to context menu that counts the number of words on the selected amount of text. Unlike the other tool it just simply displays the word count only. It is very small in size and unobtrusive while displaying the article length.


Other word count  apps

IN Google chrome there are apps that simply count the entered words. Unlike the above extensions the’ll be listed in chrome under the apps. When you click on it it will show a box where you’ve to enter the paragraph of words. It will then instantaneously display the number of words in them.

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  1. The first extension (Word Count Tool) also has a web version at with extensive features.

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