Sometimes it is very convenient for us to keep our personal messages and notifications from being watched by others. In MIUI phones like Redmi Note 4, hiding sensitive content from lock screen notification is not provided as an option by default. But you can achieve private notifications  by following some simple methods.

Usually when you get a WhatsApp or Facebook notification, the Android lock screen will display a preview of the message in it. This is usually useful as you dont have to always open the app to see if it is important or not. But what if the information/message has a sensitive content like an OTP?.

I will list out the two easiest ways to hide notification content in MIUI lock screen. You can use which ever is convenient.

Method 1 – Using App Lock Feature

If you are using MIUI 8 or latest, you can achieve hiding the sensitive notification content right from Settings. But there’s a catch.

In order to hide the notification content of a particular app, you need to include that application in the app lock feature. This means you need to unlock the application whenever you opens it.

The advantage of following this method is:

  • You dont have to rely on third party apps
  • You can apply this to individual apps – means you can select the apps you want to be hidden from showing notification content.

To do this, Go to Settings, type “app lock” in the settings search box.

search settings

Tap on the result, from the App lock screen add the particular app you want the notification contents to be hidden. Once you add, that particular app will be listed on top.

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add  applock

Now tap the settings gear icon on the top right of the screen.

Toggle the button that says “Hide content” – Dont show the content for notifications on the lock screen and in the notification shade.

hide content

You’re done!. From now onward, whenever you get a notification it will display “Contents hidden” instead of displaying the content inside it.

Method 2 – Using Floatify app

If you dont want the app to be added in the app lock list in MIUI, you might need to download some apps to do the above for you.

Floatify is actually a lock screen management app ghat has plenty of options to customize the look and feel of lock screen notifications. We can make this app enable the notification hiding feature in Android for us.

  • Install the Floatify app
  • Give all permissions like drawing over other apps etc just to get started.
  • If you dont want Floatify to customize your lock screen behavior, toggle the first three options to OFF. (Lock screen, Heads up and Quick reply)


  • To hide notification content of all apps:
  • Tap on Help > Lockscreen > Hide sensitive notification content.

hide sensitive data

  • Now Tap done.

One disadvantage with this method is that, by doing this you are actually hiding the notification content for all apps not just the one you really want to be hidden. If you dont care about this, go ahead.

Note: If you want to stop showing a particular app notification from lock screen, there is a direct setting available in MIUI.

Goto Settings >  Notifications & status bar > App notifications

Select the app you want, tap on the toggle button to turn off lock screen notifications.

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This way, you will stop an app from showing notifications from lock screen.


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