Show network speed in mac: I love using my Macbook. Be it for work, watching movies or entertainment, I always loved the way  Apple MacBooks are designed to handle these tasks. One feature that I really wanted to have in my MacBook is quick info about the network speed somewhere in the menu bar. I like the way in smartphones, the real-time internet speed is displayed on the notification bar of Android smartphones especially in Mi phones. Can we have something like that in out Macbooks?

The answer is yes, and after quick research, I found two most easier ways to do this. Let me share how can we show network speed in MacBook. This works in all macs including MacBook Pro.

As I said earlier, out of the two ways – one way we can show the network speed without using any separate software.

Use Activity Monitor

I’m certain that many users are available of activity monitor which is nothing but similar to task manager in Windows. Activity monitor shows the processes that are running on your mac, you can view all of them and get a better understanding of what’s happening to your system. This is particularly useful when your system is slowed down, and you want to know the reason why it did.

One cool thing about activity monitor is that it not only shows the process information and CPU usage but network information as well. Which means we can use it to show network speed in mac

The easier way to open activity monitor is to open spotlight search by hitting command + space then search for “activity monitor”. Once you open the app, go to the Network tab and there you have all the information you need. The section on the bottom is particularly useful where it shows the data received and sent. It updates periodically (by default every 5 seconds) and you can change the refresh interval by clicking View > Update frequency. Set it to 1 second for real-time usage data.

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Networker Lite

The first method was easier but not the best since we have to open the activity monitor each time to see the data. If you want to see network speed right on the mac menu bar, you can download this small third-party application called NetWorker Lite.

It’s a lightweight application that you can download from the App store and it installs almost quickly. Once you install the application, you can find it any time under applications. Opening it will show the show network speed in Mac OS menu bar.


Additionally, you can customize a few things by opening the app through it’s limited in features.

If you know any other way using which we can achieve these, feel free to share those tips in comments.


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