Try iOS 7 Without an iPhone or iPad – iOS 7 DEMO

The new iOS 7 from Apple is about to hit the iPhone and iPads worldwide. But before its final launch, you want to try iOS 7 without having a costly apple device?. Apple unveiled iOS 7 at WWDC with some major design changes. The main tweaks are in the notification area and introduction of new control panel etc. To view these changes without an iPad or iPhone, recombu, a gadget and tech website created an interactive demo of main changes in the UI of iOS 7 from its previous versions.


The demo allows you to turn the virtual iPhone on by pressing the power button or home button, try out new camera app, drag to see new notification panel and widgets, all interactively. You can also try the menu to see the calender, messages, compass etc. The demo is based on the iOS 7 beta so it may going to have some changes before its final release. View iOS 7 interactive demo.

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