Transfer Files Over WiFi Between Two Android Devices Without Having WiFi Direct

New smartphones in the market has a feature called wiFi direct which will allow you to transfer files between two devices using the WiFi connectivity of both phones. In android there are so many apps available to transfer files using WiFi direct. The advantage of using this feature is that it is amazingly faster than Bluetooth – big files can be transferred within seconds. One requirement is that both phones should have WiFi direct to establish file transfer. Unfortunately, little old phones having no WiFi direct option will not be able to send files over WiFi.

However we’ve an android app called Flash Transfer which is like WiFi direct 4.0 allows every android phones to transfer files over WiFi(WiFi direct for all devices). The app was first introduced in Micromax Bolt series of phones, someone has extracted the apk file and now it is available to install on any android phone. (Flash Transfer app originally is a Chinese app which is available across iOS and Android ).

 It basically activates your WiFi hotspot and your friend’s WiFi, does not use any mobile data. To enable file transfer using this app, you need the app installed on both devices. So if you’re going to transfer big files, send your friend a copy of the Flash Transfer apk first and ask him to install. Then you can transfer literally any files between two phones – installed applications can be send. As I mentioned earlier, it is ridiculously fast and very simple to connect. Try the following steps:

  1. Download the FlashTransfer Apk from here.
  2. Install the app on your phone and set your username and avatar (make sure that you’ve checked the ‘ Unknown Sources’ option in your phone’s Settings > Applications )
  3. Tap Connect With Friends > Create a Connection with both phones have flash transfer opened. two phones will be connected within few seconds.
  4. Now you can transfer music,pictures,videos, apps etc between two phones.
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If it is not clear how to create a connection, watch the video below:

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