Top Reasons to Upgrade Your iPhone to iOS 8

The eighth major release of iOS was on September 17 2014. The new version of Apple’s OS carries many groundbreaking features like Health App which is basically a fitness app along with corresponding framework named HealthKit. Also Siri was updated to include hands-free activation and a music identification service called Shamzam.

Despite the fact that the new version of iOS had very early reviews focused on very large download size and memory requirements, there are several key points that will catch your attention towards upgrading to iOS 8. Most of the changes that has come along with this update is related to travelling as there are numerous travel related advantages of using iOS 8.


Here’s some of the cool new features of iOS 8 – This is why you should upgrade your iPhone

  •  Apple Pay: Using new NFC technology in Iphone 6 you could now use your iPhone at the checkout counter of popular stores and supermarkets. You can scan your credit cards using the iPhone camera and at the checkout counter you just have to hold your iPhone up to the touchless payment system and verify your purchase using the fingerprint button.
  • Timed selfies: Selfies are always part of travelling. You could now put selfies on a timer and it is great when you’re trying to take picture of a group.
  • Send audio messages direct to iPhone: If your most loved ones are not using Whatsapp or any other instant message services, you can send audio messages on the go directly, by holding the mic button. Its great for business travelers who aren’t already using WhatsApp like services.
  •  Keyboard Changes: With a new kind of keyboard  feature called Quicktype you could now get word suggestions on top of the keyboard in a panel (similar to android) in 16 languages. The keyboard will learn your conversational style as you talk to certain people, this makes communication easier.
  • Advanced photo app:  iOS 8 has a much more enhanced photo app where you can directly edit photos , do some cropping and filtering without having to download apps from iTunes and open photos in them.
  • Photo albums- auto organized: Thew new photo app will also organize your images in the phone according to Recently Added, Favorites, Panoramas, Videos, Recently Deleted, etc. You can switch between any of these easily.
  • Siri  hands-free commands: Now Siri supports streaming voice recognition (showing you what you are saying). It now supports 22 new dictation languages. Siri hands-free commands will be accepted when the phone is plugged in. You’ll be able to say “Hey Siri” to have her listening to you.

A whole bunch of new changes has been made to the new version besides the few described above. These include :

  • Auto night mode in iBooks.
  • Travel time notifications
  • Separate focus and exposure in camera
  • Battery usage app
  • 24 new dictation languages
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Like iOS 7 this was not a drastic change that apple has made and hence there is nothing to worry if you’re planning to move from iOS 7 to 8, besides it will bring you quite a few changes that will save your time.




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