When you are multitasking and have to go through a long article on a website, it would be convenient if someone read it all out for you. There are many texts to speech converting extensions available in the Google Chrome store to serve this exact purpose. Here we review the best of the lot chrome extensions for text to speech conversion. These text to speech extensions will especially come in handy for Dyslexic people.

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader


  • This extension can be used to read the loaded web page aloud with a single click.
  • It uses text to speech technology to convert webpage text to audio.
  • It supports over forty languages.
  • This extension will be useful to cover large articles in a short time without straining your eyes too much.
  • You can click on the extension and it will read the article for you.
  • Many male and female voices are available to choose from.
  • In-app purchases are required to access some cloud-based voices
  • The pitch of the voice used can also be adjusted to suit your liking.
  • The speed at which the article is being read can also be adjusted.
  • The extension also supports PDF files open on your browser.
  • After the latest update, both the AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP( Google Cloud Platform) accounts can be used to enable the Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet Voices. The extension is available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • The extension works on almost all types of websites from news sites to online university course materials.
  • This extension will come in handy for people with dyslexia and children learning to read.
  • There are shortcut keys available on your keyboard like ALT+P to play/pause, ALT-O to stop, ALT-Comma to Rewind and ALT-Comma to forward.
  • You can select the text that needs to be read aloud before clicking on the extension instead of reading the entire webpage from start to finish.
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Selection Reader (Text to Speech)

  • It is similar to the previous extension and can readout selected texts on the webpage.
  • You get the audio in a default female voice
  • The audio quality is good and similar to a human voice.
  • It supports reading in multiple languages as sown in the picture below.
  • It even has an auto language mode.
  • You can change the reading speed according to your convenience.

  • It cannot read webpages unless you select the texts like in the previous app.

Talking Web



  • The extension lets you read out selected texts in multiple languages.
  • This plugin uses the TTS technology
  • It can also download the selected text in .wav audio format which is a feature unique to this extension.
  • The extension can read Dutch, Italian, French, Japanese, etc.
  • It has a male and female voice.
  • You can alter the speed of the reading.



  • This extension supports over forty different languages.
  • You will be able to read out websites, PDFs, and emails.
  • It has different voices.
  • The sound used sounds more robotic than any of the previous extensions.
  • You will be able to select the texts and use the extension from the drop-down list after right-clicking on the selected texts.


  • As with the other extensions, you will be able to select the required texts and then read them aloud.
  • This is a multipurpose extension. You will be able to translate as well as read the text aloud.
  • A unique feature of this app is that it translates the speech of one language to another language.
  • You will be able to choose the language for the translation after installing the extension.
  • You can also reverse translate the text from your language to any other language.
  • To use the audio feature, you have to enable this feature in the options for the extension.
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