Although there are millions of Xiaomi MIUI fans out there, there are still few people not satisfied with their phones in one perspective – not having an app drawer on their phones. One thing people do is installing a launcher with app drawer, but many of as don’t want to have a third party theme just to get an app drawer.

Many of us are not aware that having an app drawer in your Mi phones is just one touch away. Yes – there are some cool apps out there you can download free and install to get a perfectly working app drawer for your phone running MIUI. Same is the case with many other smartphones like Lenovo. Here are 6 cool app drawer apps for your android smartphone which are free to download.

1.  App Drawer (Radsoft)

Although there are feature rich apps out there, I like the simplicity of this particular app drawer.  This app just work as a basic drawer panel with few features like switch between black & white themes and showing the keyboard while opening so that you can search right away after opening the app. One good thing about this app drawer is it is extremely light weight.

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2. Quick Drawer (Softonic)

If you are bored with the usual vertical listing of apps where you have to hit the keyboard each time to open a particular app even if you use it regularly –  this app is for you. This has 3 tabs which allows you to find you apps based on – last used, alphabetical order with a search bar on top and most used. While looking at the settings, you wont get much customizations – max you can do is to control some animations and number of last used apps.

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3. App Swap Drawer – T9 Search

This app is also one of the popular app drawer out there which is more rich in settings as well as features. Normal app drawers are accessible only from the home screen where as the App Swap Drawer can be launched from any screen. All you have to do is to swipe from the edge of the screen. There are two more ways to open the app. The second way is to tap the notification and the third way is to hit the normal home button.

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4. JINA App Drawer & Sidebar

This smartphone drawer app lets you efficiently switch your apps without closing or minimizing it using its swipe feature. It opens a sidebar by swiping the edge of the screen and you can configure the apps there which you usually multi-task with. Also this app will sort your apps according to categories and works as an app organizer.

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5. App Drawer (Waza Be)

As the google now launcher is to be removed from Playstore in coming weeks by Google, This app will be popular among people who are using Now launcher since it looks similar to the Google Now app drawer. It is a very basic launcher with zero additional functionalities. All it can do is to display all your apps in a white box. Still I feel the operation is not very smooth, I found some minor lags while opening the drawer nonetheless it does its job.

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6. AppDrawer (MIUI App Drawer)

Despite its name, this app can be installed on non-MIUI phones and offers good features.  This app is an open source project GitHub and you can contribute if you are developer. It just offers basic features like listing all the apps, searching, displaying the apps in grid fashioned, horizontal etc.


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  1. Best one is pixel drawer

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