For a company launched in 2010, it is quite a big achievement to be the worlds 5th largest smartphone maker within a span of just 5 years, in 2015. Yes we are talking  about the Chinese crowd puller Xiaomi. If you see xiaomi as just a manufacture of few smartphones, earphones and headphones,  you are wrong. Xiaomi has plenty of amazing other products which the company does not sell in India.

Why Xiaomi does not sell these products in India?

Well, Xiaomi analyses market before launching the product in any country. Of course a country like India has a major market Xioami products especially the Redmi phones. But unlike other companies, Xiaomi products sells in a low margin in high volume and that’s why they are able to sell top specification phones at cheaper price without compromising the quality. Also, Xiaomi has to make sure that it can provide the necessary support for all the product which sells in India. So, the company is just slowing down things a bit, and launching products first which is high in demand.

So here are some of the best Mi products worth checking out which are not available in India.

1. Mi TV

The first MI TV launched in 2017, and was based on android. The latest and cheapest smart TV ranges from 43 inch to 60 inch FHD screen with support to numerous smart  applications. The sell it for around 1699 CNY. Surprisingly they offer a lot of accessories with it such as gaming pads, Bluetooth headsets etc, which is why Mi TV is a great offer for its price. Sadly there is no options to buy this TV from india, not even from shopping sites like gearbest or aliexpress.

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2. Mi TV Box

This device is all about connecting the modern smart devices to your TV so that you can enjoy the multi-media content from your device directly streamed to your TV. It gives an ability to watch the videos or photos from your smartphones or any other Bluetooth smart device to get displayed on the big screen.So, basically this device converts your normal TV into a smart android TV that supports 4K video streaming. Now, the good news is Mi TV Box is available through international commerce  websites like gear best.

3. Mi Lamp

This is a very cool instrument which kind of acts like a mood light if you connect with certain apps. The  Mi lamp can be controlled using your android phone. We can change the color to any time in any shade  you like. The lamp comes in three variants. One is the standard 16 million colors priced at 89 Yuan, and one is a table lamp available for 159 Yuan. The last one is a beautiful bed side lamp which costs 239 Yuan.

4. Mi Drone

This Drone is one of the very interesting product from Xiaomi. This drone equips with a 4K camera that shoots up to 3840 x 2160p / 30fps  video and with a long battery life of 27 minutes flight. It is controlled by a radio frequency control stick that has range up to 1 KM. It takes 3.5 hours to  get fully charged. You can buy this product through some websites like for around Rs. 40K

5. Mi Rice Cooker

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The main difference between a most advanced cooker in the market and Mi Rice Cooker is the later allows yoou to control it using a smartphone. This rice cooker electromagnetic heating, has 3L capacity,  perfect for dorms, kitchens. It is very compact in design and consumes 1100W power. This product also can be purchased from for around Rs 19K.



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