Back in old days we have listed some launcher apps which can be used to enhance the looks and performance of your smartphone. Especially with Xiaomi smartphones like Redmi Note 3, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 pro running MIUI version of Android, the first thing almost every user will look for is to install a launcher which provides an app drawer. If people who have used stock Android before, a launcher with an app drawer is their only option to get their previous user habits back. Here are the top 5 best launcher apps for your Redmi Note 5 pro or MIUI smartphones which can totally change the look of the phone and provide additional features that are not available with MIUI.

1. Evie Launcher

The reason why Evie Launcher on top of the list due to its lightweight nature. This is comparatively a new launcher, and here in 2018, it stands on top among the best launchers having 4.7 rating on Google Play. Evie utilizes the gestures in android in a very simplistic yet useful way. For example, you can swipe up for opening the app drawer. One of the other gesture options is to double-tap on the screen to put the smartphone to sleep.

In you Redmi Note 5 pro or with any smartphone generally, Evie launcher should work flawlessly, as said earlier it is lightweight should not take more resources helps to keep the phone runs faster all the time. If a simplistic launcher is on your mind, Evie is for you.

2. Microsoft Launcher

As you may think the Microsoft might launch a launcher that looks like a Windows phone theme, you’re wrong. The Microsoft launcher has no similarity with the Windows phone looks, rather it is a completely different launcher that helps to bring out the best android experience on your smartphone. Especially phone’s like Redmi Note 5 pro which has a beautiful 18:9 screen aspect ratio, this launcher will look absolutely stunning.

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As very few launchers likeĀ  Nova launcher which provides edge-to-edge widget placement, this launcher sports a clean home screen with a robust dock. If you are an extensive Microsoft user, smart feed systems focusing on your Microsoft account will help you to catch all your notifications right away. So, if you have an Outlook account and uses their calender and services, this launcher is surely worth considering.

3. Nova Launcher

Everyone is heard about Nova launcher at least once since it is the most amazing launcher in android history so far. It is six years old, has matured a lot from its past, and running in thousand’s of smartphones today with 4.6 rating on Google play with countless ratings. The reason why Nova is not on top of the list is not that it is not the best, but the other launchers should get some light since most people go with Nova launcher right away when they read reviews of Nova.

Nova launcher is a mix between customization and usability without compromising a bit on performance. You may feel the theme is a bit overloaded but it is not the case. A smartphone like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 can certainly utilize this launcher to enhance the looks and features.

4. Buzz Launcher

This launcher presents you the heights of customization. There are thousands of customized home screens you have to choose from. These are uploaded and shared by various people. It has an inbuilt app locker and RAM\M cleaner which is not very significant on smartphones like Redmi Note 5 pro since it has already got MIUI9 which has all the features natively supported.

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A lot of gestures are supported by Buzz launcher which helps you to do many things by just swiping your finger on the home screen. “Screen Effects” is one of the unique features of this launcher which is nothing but similar to live wallpaper. But instead of replacing your entire wallpaper it just adds some effects such as snowfall, or autumn leaves which is kind of cool.

5. Action Launcher

Finally, Action launcher is something you need for doing anything “quickly”. This is one of the best launchers out there with a watchword QUICK for everything it does. A quick theme, quick drawer, quick bar everything’s is setup just to make your job easy and done quickly as possible. It is also one of the most customizable launchers on the Google Play.

NOTE: If you are happy with MIUI theme present on your smartphone except the absence of an app drawer, you don’t really have to install a launcher. Afterall launchers are the all heavy piece of software running on your phone all the time, might make it slow down. In that case, checkout this article which has the list of app drawers for Android smartphones.

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