Top 5 Free Note taking Applications for Windows

Usually people used to take notes simply on notepad, a inbuilt simple tool in all Windows computers. However this method is inefficient and not professional  as the notepad lacks formatting and syncing capabilities. If you’re accidentally deletes the .txt file , no matter what your data is lost. Note taking applications are designed specifically for scribbling and note taking and most of them have online syncing capability.  Here’s five of such apps for Windows 7 or 8 computers that you can get for free.

1.  Evernote


Evernote is a free universal note caching application that can be used to remember everything you got.  This application supports text, image and audio formats. It has a decent interface that includes more than basic text formatting tools and alignment features. More important, it has online syncing feature that let your notes uploaded to a server of Evernote. So if you ever lost you’r app or crashed the system , you could easily retrieve your data.  The online sync is free upto 40MB per month otherwise you have to pay $5 per month or $45 per year, you get 500MB per month usage.

2. ResophNotes


This application is a very light note taker that has minimum amount of visual editing features. But this one is suitable if you’re a minimalist and if always prefer simple applications.  It instantly saves the notes as you type so you wouldn’t miss anything if there is a forced shut down or something. You can sync this with simplenote or you could save notes as .txt files for syncing with Dropbox and other file-syncing services.

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3. Google Keep Metro (Windows 8 or Windows RT)


Google Keep Metro is a simple capturing application to keep your thoughts, snaps. It has the ability of transcribing the voice notes automatically. You can store all these notes you’ve taken  in Google could,  recall it on devices which runs on android, iPhone, iPAD etc.

4. Stickies


Stickies is a free PC utility that stores information in a single text-based ini file. The notes you add on this application will stick on the screen like a clip note and it will be there until you remove it. You can change the colors, fonts and buttons also you could cutomize the stickies or resize them.

5. GumNotes


GumNotes is another note application for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It allows you to stick or gum notes to document that you’re referring. It has a very simple interface and simple note server support to sync your files so that you wont lose any data.

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