Ever wondered while using Google Chrome, why hasn’t Google provided this particular option?it would have made your user experience so much better. That is where the extensions come in. Google Chrome store comes with a lot of extensions made for improving your user experience. Here we list a few Chrome extensions available on the store that would come in handy while using chrome.

Print Friendly & PDF: Removes ads and web junk before you print

Print-friendly is an extension that is extremely useful whenever you want to print the contents of a webpage. Most webpages will contain a lot of ads and many other things that you would not want to print. This extension allows us to nitpick the only parts of the webpage that we want to print. It saves us a lot of printer ink as well. The pages are made suitable for reading by using this app. It also offers facilities to remove the images whether as a whole or individually. We can change the text size from larger to smaller.


It then can be used to convert it into pdf and can be saved as PDFs.



Tab Resize – split screen layouts: Split screen layouts made easy. 

This app is helpful in resizing the screen space for tabs as shown in the figure below according to our wishes. This customization of tab sizes is a feature so unique and hence that makes this extension a highly recommended one on the list.


IMDb Ratings for Netflix ™: Integrates IMDb Ratings into Netflix.


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This extension is for all you movie buffs and TV fanatics out there. We are living in the golden age of television. Why waste time on that” not so good” show or movie. Netflix doesn’t provide IMDB ratings for their movies. This extension integrates the IMDB rating to the shows on Netflix. So you can check whether the show or movie is good or not before watching.

Hunter: Find email addresses in seconds

This extension is probably a must have for all you professionals out there. When you visit a website you can know the email address listed for contact with the website immediately from the extension. with just one click. You can also get names, social media links, phone numbers, etc if they are provided on the website. It also provides the facility to search for email ids. If you already know the name the person you would like to contact, type it in the search field. The email address will be returned instantly

Dark Night Mode

If you spend long hours in front of your computer or your laptop then this is a must-have extension for you. Just like the night mode feature provided by many apps on your smartphone like youtube, this extension will operate in dark mode for all the websites you visit. It will prove to have less strain on your eye especially at night.


Using the brightness slider, you can adjust the brightness of your browser beyond what your computer’s brightness adjuster allows. This is useful in dimming the brightness to your likening. The extension also features an auto mode that automatically turns on the dark mode at night at 8:00 PM and will turn off at 6:00 AM in the morning. You can whitelist the websites for which you do not want to watch in dark mode.

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