Nowadays, almost all competitive exams like Bank tests, IBPS, MBA, CAT and campus recruitment tests all have an evaluation called aptitude test. If you’re well prepared by working out lots of objective type questions and their answers, you can easily pass through the test. We can say almost all you posses android smartphone now a days wasting time playing games and social media. Why don’t you try these apps that gives you tons of aptitude test questions and answers on  your mobile screen. These 5 aptitude apps are for engineers regardless of the engineering stream they’ve taken as well as others preparing for competitive exams.

1. Pocket Aptitude

This app is a collection of more than 750 frequently asked objective type aptitude questions  for competitive exams and campus recruitment placement tests. In this quantitative aptitude app you can explore questions as well as their solutions in detail. Questions are arranged based on various topics and you can important formulas for each topic at the beginning.


2. Aptitude Interview Questions

This is somewhat similar to above application but more interview oriented questions are included.  You can find various questions for interviews, aptitude as well as quiz based tests both for verbal and numerical aptitudes. In this app over 400 questions and their solutions are included. While he question is presented, you can find the answer for your own and compare with the given answer which you get by hitting the ‘Show Answer’ button.


3. Logical Reasoning & Aptitude

No longer available

In this aptitude app for android, there are hundreds of questions are organized in such a way that you can pick your category such as HCF or LCM, percentages, partnership etc and there you got your questions associated with that topic. These logical reasoning and aptitude type questions are ideal for any type of entrance exams and MBA and CAT exams based on aptitude.

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4.  Jobs Gear -Aptitude Verbal MCQ

No longer available

This is one of the popular apps for aptitude which will help to prepare for competitive exams and job placement tests. This app will let you improve your knowledge and confidence by helping to face interviews and group discussions. It includes various questions and their explanatory solutions and it let you study based on a systematic learning methodology.


5.  Aptitude Questions

Just another app for you to practice solving hundred+ aptitude questions. These questions are repeatedly asked in n placements, bank exams and various other admission tests like CAT,SAT,MAT etc.


IndiaBix Aptitude

IndiaBix is very popular among people who are preparing for various interviews and tests especially for those who are seeking jobs in engineering. The indiabix app has tonnes of aptitude questions, for the various exam such as Bank, IBPS, Clerk, CAT, XAT, MAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, NTSE etc. One drawback with this app is that it requires internet connection to work.

If you are aware of any apps for aptitude test and exam preparation, I encourage you to share below in the comments section.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such valuable info.

  2. Check out this app “APTITUDE GURU” on the android playstore. And you will surely like it. Has many features which are worth using.

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