Making and viewing documents and images is the essential requirement of any student or working man. With thousands of formats to make your media from, people are often faced with an obstacle to open their documents they lack the proper viewer. There is no appropriate free universal format viewer. In circumstances like these, you have to consult a file converter which also comes for a price. But there are some online file converters that will convert your files to your desired formats free of cost. These free converters are hard to find behind the full of ads and virus transmitting file converters. This is why this list was compiled to help you get the best online converters out there for you. So without any further waiting let’s see the top online free file converters.

1) Online Convert Free

Online convert free at is no doubt the best online file converter and tops this list. With the ease of converting hundreds of file formats, it brings you the comfort of converting files of any format to a suitable format you desire in a matter of seconds. This file converter is free and easy to use.

You simply have to upload the file to be converted. They will automatically detect the format and convert it according to your demand, and you can download your file in a suitable format for whatever viewer you are using, and you will notice the perfection of the conversion yourself.

2) Online Convert

Online Convert is the next best online converter for any kind of file you wish to convert online, but there is a catch. It supports interconversion of thousands of audio, video, image and document formats but there is an upload limit of 100mbs, and you will have to buy their service if your file exceeds 100mbs. So it is not precisely a free converter.

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3) Zamzar

Zamzar is an acknowledged document converter, but it also supports the conversion of not only pdf to the word but also the transformation of audio, images, and videos with speed and efficiency. It is relatively simple, but a read on the instructions is required when using zamzar as people get confused easily when using this application.

Zamzar only supports up to 50mb of file conversion, if your file exceeds 50mb then you have to pay for their services and sometimes their servers are so bombarded that the conversion is very slow, other than that it is an easy to use file converter for occasional file converters.


File converters are a necessity in this world of computer users because there are many formats of files that need separate programs to view them so a universal solution to view any form of a file is by converting it to a file your device can easily. The internet has many file converters, and among these converters, three of the best and free converters were shortlisted. Hopefully, this article will help you find the best online converter.

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