Top 25 Apps of 2013 for Android Phones and Tablets

Android OS has become more popular this year by surge of useful and successful apps that released for this Google’s own mobile OS. As android is gaining popularity day by day, it’s quite good to spare a minute to know what are the top apps for android in 2013. There are apps developed by Google as well as third-parties both posses good quality and gaining popularity. New phones and tablets can adopt hundreds of apps since they are lavish in terms of  processing power and memory capacity. We’ve compiled a list of 25 android apps that help you to fill your new devices.


1. 1Weather

This android app is a beatiful,modern and essential one for your smartphone which conveys information about the weather. It has packed with features and by far 1Weather is the best weather app in the Google Play Store.

2. Du Battery Saver & Switch Widget

This application is a must have Android app for all battery powered devices which enables cleaning of unnecessary background apps that consumes battery and improves battery life for devices. You can easily checkout battery status, health, temperature and charging status.

3. Any.DO

Any.DO is a wonderful to-do app comes with some exciting unique features. This app has cloud sync and easy to use interface. to-do list & task list application is a must have android app available free at Play Store.

4. AppGarden Lite – App box

This free application consists of various tools and utilities like tax calculators, Body mass index (BMI) etc.

5. Light Flow

this app is best for devices which has RGB notification lights like Sony Xperia z . This app is useful for customizing notifications, missed callas and text messages.

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6. aDownloader

This is a free native bit torrent (bittorrent) downloader app that is best in class for downloading torrent files on your android device.

7. Agenda Calendar (Paid – 2$)

There are tons of calender apps in android, but this is the most I liked since its has the minimalist and clutter less interface perfect for your schedules.

 8. SwiftKey Keyboard (Paid – 4$)

This app is one of the most popular keyboard app that has gesture typing facility and most responsive and efficient typing app.

9. History Eraser Pro (Paid – 2.04 $)

Application for fully erasing your smart gadget history by single tap. You can clear all phone history such as  browser history, call log, sms, clipboard data, app cache files etc, so you improve security and save memory.

10. SwipePad

SwipePad is a gesture controlled app starter. You can add you favorite apps that you would open more often and instruct this app the gesture or Swipe so you can start the app next time by just swiping the screen.

11. Beautiful Widgets

A top widget application that has hundreds of widgets that you may like and features several beautiful themes.

12. Boat Browser

This is a new Smart and Fast android web browser rich in features and most customizable browser app.

13. Hangouts

Google hangouts is one of the most popular online chatting service allows text chat, video & audio chat and photo sharing etc.

14. Kindle

Kindle is one of the most popular e-book reader app for android. This is useful if you read lot of ebooks in epub, PDF format.

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15. X-plore- File Manager

The latest best in class file manager for your smartphone or tablet. ( Root, FTP, SMB, Sqlite, Picasa, Zip, Rar explorer)

16.  Wave Alarm

Wave alarm is handy motion controlled app that stops alarming by waving the user’s hand over the phone.

17. Flipboard

This is the best news& reader app that grabs the top world news and social news from various websites and arranges in front of you.

18. Flickr

Allows you to browse through your Flickr photos. Beautiful design and has as lots of filters and editing/enhancement tools.

19. Lookout

One of the best and popular app that combines antivirus and anti-malware tools for your mobile device.

20. Google Play Music

Google Play Music store has large collection of music as well as you could store the music that you bought in cloud storage space and lock it.

21. Snapseed

This app is similar to instagram, allows you to edit your photos quickly bfore sharing them in your social networks.

22. WebMD for Android

This app is great for decision-making and health information. Includes WebMD’s symptom checker, Drugs & Treatments etc.

23. Greenify

Improves battery backup of your android phones by automatically hibernating the background apps which are not essential.

24. Google Drive

App for Google’s cloud storage program eatures OCR and character recognition.

25.  Auto Memory Manager

Allows you to customize the out-of-memory manager settings on your android phone you wont need task killers anymore.

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