Top 10 Tips to Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Battery backup is one of the critical aspect when we look to buy a new smartphone. As years are passing new technologies in mobile computing advances but the basic technique of providing necessary power to run such devices shrinks to minor developments. A smartphone battery is obviously has many ways to discharge as all smartphones has a high resolution display, always-up cell radio, numerous sensors etc. Optimizing the use of a smartphone to provide maximum battery backup is an important thing as otherwise the battery can be drained quickly and it causes to switch off the device turning it useless to even make a call.

Here’s top ten tips for android users to extend their battery life to a few more hours.

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1. Always use Automatic brightness

Display in a smartphone causes the biggest drain as most devices comes with display sizes greater than 3 inches with high enough resolution. The battery drain is directly proportional to brightness of the display, so most of the smartphone manufactures include a ambient light sensor which allows you to automatically adjust screen brightness to optimum level. This means when the ambient light falling on the screen is more it automatically increases the brightness and when there is dark, the screen brightness will be set to minimum.

2. Do not use live wallpapers

The so called live wallpapers may look pretty on your big and fine display of your smart device. The fact is it consumes lots of processor power in the background. This will cause the phone to slow down as well as the battery will drain quickly. Always use normal pictures as wallpapers.

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3.  Stay black

It is a simple logic that wallpapers and app interfaces that are white in colour will obviously increase screen brightness thereby drain more battery. So when you choose your wallpaper its better to select one with a black shade or complete black. Many apps in android will permit switching to dark themes in-order to save power.

4.  Set the screen timeout to a lower value

Suppose if you’re texting to somebody, you may pick up and use the phone and put down than normal. Reducing the screen timeouts will avoid the need of manually turning off the screen while you done with it. Set the screen time out to 15 seconds for faster auto-dim

5. Powering Off radios

We’re not talking about the usual radio but cell radios such as Wifi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G and GPS circuits. Always turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when not needed. Also, if you’re not using 3G services select “Use only 2G networks” from settings. Most ROMs has a power control widget to do all these action easily.

6. Disable data

Using cellular data is one of the major thing that affects the battery backup. What’s interesting is that leaving data access enabled without actually using it too drain the battery since background apps will consume lots of power through auto-sync. So always keep your data access off when not needed, also prefer Wifi over 2G or3G data.

7.  Auto-sync

Some apps like Whats app, Facebook, Gmail etc will consume battery power as well as data in the background. In Settings > Accounts and Sync, we can disable auto-sync feature which will help you to save battery power.

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8.  Use Juice Defender

If you’ve to manage the power control features in an efficient manner and improve battery backup, use apps like Juice Defender. These apps will let you monitor the running background apps, power control features and monitor  the charging.

9. Disable Adobe Flash

Browsing web pages  running flash content requires adobe flash player to be enabled. But this consumes a lot of battery power that’s why adobe has decided to discontinue development of flash for all mobile devices.  You can disable flash player within your browser settings. Goto Settings > Enable Plug-ins and set it to ‘On Demand’.

10. Charge the battery to full

Most people charge their phones based on the battery indicator color. But even if the battery icon shows its full, it may not. Charge your phone until battery indicator shows that charging has stopped. THe last 20 % of charge ‘ trickles’ in and it takes some time to complete.


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