There are horrible news around the world about women insecurity and incidents like in Delhi. In today’s life, every one has a smartphone so can we use it for our own security. Here’s some of the personal security android apps that alert you if there any problems for your women relatives.

women security

1. bSafe – Personal Safety App (Both free and paid version)

This is one of the best mobile safety apps available in India. When you’ve a situation that seems dangerous, tap on the panic button. A message will send to all your relatives that you previously added in a list in the application. Additionally a call will be automatically made to one of the person who you chose. Also it will send a map of your current position. Paid version supports emergency call to 3 numbers. Also in this app, you can set to enable fake incoming calls in various time intervals in case if you need.


2. iFollow – Ladies safety (Free version)

This is dedicated app for women’s safety in India. All you have to do is just shake your phone in a situation which you feel insecure, the app will do the rest. (You should shake the phone 3 times in a 5 second interval). After you trigger, the app will try to make a call to the preset number. In case if he is not reachable at the moment, a message will send to all people who is in the list. This message will include your positional details. The app will automatically send map details if you displace 10 meters from where you stand when sending first message.

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3. Nirbhaya: Be Fearless© (Free version)

This app is a more simplified security app. You may add contact groups, Facebook friends to this app. It will send danger message as well as the map of your current position to your contacts. The users of this app will get alerts if they are in area which is marked as potentially unsafe.


4. SafeBridge (Free version)

The major advantage of using this app is that it doesn’t require to be always online. If you’re not normally turn on your internet or you are in an area where there’s no internet connectivity, this app can send emergency messages via SMS to you relatives. The message will also include your current position.


5. PanicGuard (Paid version)

From the time when you install PanicGuard, you’re under surveillance of it. If you were not managed to send messages, this app will keep record of the places you’ve gone and the audio, visual information of your trip will reach your friends and relatives. So it is a very useful app both for protection and investigation.


6. YWCA Safety Alert (Free version)

This app will produce a very loud alarm noise if you press the  button on the app or shake the handset in case of an emergency so that you’ll be cared by other people. This app also sends messages to all your selected relatives and friends email and phones. You could also define if it will call person whom you choose.

ywca SA

7. Sentinel Personal Security SOS (Free version)

If your phone goes switch off or our of range for more than a certain limit, this app will alert others by sending emergency messages to their emails, as SMS or phone calls etc. The alert message may include your position, direction of travel and speed.

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8.  Scream Alarm! (Free version)

As a women, you might fee insecure while you’re alone in a place . If you feel so, then tap the app button to make loud enough noise to catch attention from nearby people. The sound is so loud that it will reach up to hundred meter.

scream alarm

9. Life360 – Family Locator (Free)

This safety app take care of all you family members. You could create family and relationship circles and find the members in a private map. It also make use of GPS to provide each member’s location. It can be produce an alert when a member reaches a destination place.


10 Go Surakshit (Free)

In this app you can have upto 4 ways to let others know that you’re unsafe. When you tap on the Help button , 1) It sends SMS to pre-chosen numbers, 2) The same content will be updated as your Facebook status, 3) Call a particular number, and  4) turn on a loud alarm to seek help from others.


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