Top 10 free expense/money management apps for your smartphone

In day to day life we encounter lot of situations where we want to take notes, analyse and control our expenses. Most of us probably open a note in our phone and scribble things in it. But this could be highly inefficient since we must again find our time to take these out and most things will be confusing to us as we forget about it. As a smartphone user, you could easily find lots of apps that can do a fair amount of help in money/expense management. Here we have compiled a list of best apps for money management.

1.  Splitwise

This should be the app here on top because it can not only track the expense but does a great help if you are sharing the expenses among number of people. It keeps track of your split bills and lets you keep all the debts straight. It is not necessary that all your buddies who share with you in Splitwise but if there are, then you can sync the expenses and debts among them and everyone gets the notification when you add a new entry. Moreover this app is absolutely free. Other than for smartphones, it is available as a Splitwise webapp for every platform.

Download for OS : Android, iOS 



This service is a personal finance management that counts above 15 million users. Actually is web service that can be accesed from any device which has internet connectivity. The smartphone apps for adds ease to manage your money and expenses. Here are few features that provides you:

  • Budgeting – easy to setup, download and sync your transactions – they will be auto categorized. Make necessary adjustments.
  • Manage Expenses
  • Notifications of changes to your finances – Late fees, over budget on any category bill reminders and more
  • Weekly summaries via email or sms.
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Download for OS: Android, iOS, Windows


3. MoneyWise

When it comes to interface this app is just an old school but the functionality and way they presents things are pretty cool. This app will help you manage your finance and understanding it. It has a graph selection feature which allowes you to highlight one data to another. The tag feature can be used to easily select the records. As mentioned earlier, the UI is not at all cool or stunning nor the features are exceptionally unique or innovative, but they are very much useful.

Download for OS: Android


4. GoodBudget 

This app really allows you to use the envelop system without the hassle of using actual envelopes rather it is very convenient and safer than original envelopes. The charts and graphs that shows the analysis of your spending habits are very helpful to track your money and expense. Goodbudget is good for individuals who wants to keep track of their expenses and budget manually, instead of an automated system that we have seen in services like

Note: There is free as well as paid version of the service. Free version has some limitations on number of envelopes and devices that can be used.

Download for OS: Android, iOS


5. Financisto – Expense Manager

This app is perfect as a spending tracker for your day-to-day expenses and allows you to review your transactions and set limits for all your expenses. Like MoneyWise, Its not rich in UI but the functionality available are pretty straightforward and simple to understand for an end user. Financisto easily lets you create multiple accounts and display the account summary and history efficiently.

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Download for OS: Android


6. Expense Manager

If you want apps that are simpler but includes advanced options, Expense Manager for android is an option for you. When you add an expense, it asks you for the way it happened, payee, and category of payment. These data can be useful later in tracking and getting an idea of how you spent your money. This app also does not sports a good UI which can be considered as a con.

Download for OS: Android


7. BillGuard

This app is made for two purpose – It lets you completely understands your spending habits and it protects your credit-card from unauthorized transactions. It does syncing your bank account details first so that you are presented with the total balance in the beginning of the month and end of the month. It shows an analytics of your transactions and expenditures in a pretty cool manner.

Download for OS: Android, iOS


8. Expensify 

This free app can handle all kinds of expenses. It can import the bank balance details and statements and card transactions. Among all the apps that we are discussed above, it has unique smart scanner that allows you to scan the bills using your phone’s camera and matches the receipts to expense thereby avoiding any manual entry.

Download for OS: Android, iOS


9. Hello Expense

If all you want is a hassle free and easy-to-use expense manager that does not takes up much memory – Hello Expense could be perfect deal for you. The UI also is very clean and simple which has very less options but frill-free.  It lets you know the tracked expenses by category, day, week, month or year.  Keep in  mind that it doesnt have any kind of graphical analytic explanations like graphs.

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Download for OS: Android


10. Mvelopes

This app lets you think about managing your money in long term. When you start, it imports your bank data and tracks your expenses as you made it. It has a fairly good display system that shows you the category wise expenditures happened – all on the basis of how much you have in your bank account.

Download for OS: Android, iOS


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