One of the major perks of owning a smartphone is that you are able to pair your phone with others and enjoy playing multiplayer games, send and receive files or even share your internet connection. Multiplayer games in Android as well as iOS is a sure way to kill boredom as there are plenty of local Bluetooth multiplayer games available for both devices. But the only catch is, if you have an iPhone, you need another iPhone owner as your partner for most multiplayer games.

But in today’s world, I see most of them are using an Android phone over iPhone and a lot of android Bluetooth multiplayer games are available.

Here’s the list of best 10 Bluetooth free and paid multiplayer  games for android. When I say best, popularity is a huge factor. This list includes the top android Bluetooth games from all genres which are highly popular and rated the best.

1. Virtua Tennis Challenge (Paid $4.99)

Yes, it levels up to the Virtua tennis that you play on PC. It is one of the best tennis games for android, you can play against 50 players in 18 stadiums. It is double the fun when you play against your friend over bluetooth multiplayer mode.


This is one of the best rated fighting game in Google play store that you can install it for free. The game play is rich in graphics, you have to build an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors and prove the strength in the fighting tournament. Isn’t it fun sitting with a friend, hitting each other to death when you connected over Bluetooth?.

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3. Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Paid $6.99 )

Mine craft is one of the best selling android games of all time. What is unique about this game is that you  can build your own amazing fortunes in a randomly generated world and fight against the threats and dangerous mobs.

4. Critical Strike Portable (Free)

If you’re a die hard fan of the PC game Counter Strike, this one is for you. This game has no connection to Valve Corporation who is the creator of Counter strike, the game tributes to original CS v1.6.

But this game is no less fun,  the game play and graphics are nothing less than amazing. As you know, it is fun when you play with the online foes or with a bunch of friends in your room over Bluetooth.

5. Raging Thunder 2 (Free)

This has been the best multiplayer android game I played, it is so much fun when you are on a race with you buddies in multiplayer mode. This cross-platform multiplayer game you definitely will enjoy which has high quality graphics, it takes you even to the great wall!.

6. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation ($4.99)

Even if you buy this game, it is absolutely worth the money. It is rich in graphics, it has a well rounded game play and works quite well with Bluetooth multiplayer mode. You have to fight through a 13 level campaign from Los Angeles to Pakistan. Before installing the game make sure that you have at least 1.4GB of free space.

7. Badland (Free)

Badland is an atmospheric side-scrolling action game which lets you slide through the mysterious places and all you have to do is to pass through obstacles and reach your destination.

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Multiplayer mode allows up to four players and there is even a COOPERATIVE mode which is a modified single player campaign to play with your friends.

8. Sea Battle (Free)

If board games are of your choice, Sea Battle can entertain you for some time. What makes this game different is its multiplayer capability. You can fight against the players from all over the world as well as the one who sits beside you using Bluetooth multiplayer.

9. Warlings (Free)

Warlings is a strategy game which is all about shooting the enemy down using guns, strategy and some dirty tricks. You can fight in the given six battlefields which are in sea, space, air and much more. Yeah, Bluetooth mode makes this game absolutely addicting.

10. 3D Chess (Free)

I cannot justify myself if I am not including this game in this list, I know no one will if they are a chess fan. As I pointed, it is a completely free game with no locked options or pay-o-earn coins or anything. One of the reason why I included this game in this list is because chess is a perfect game to utilize multiplayer mode since it is a two-person game by itself.

This game utilizes the technology and brings very refined experience. It is one of the best android bluetooth multiplayer game I have played.

If you haven’t found your game of choice in this list, please visit 10 Best Bluetooth multiplayer games for android which we had posted in past.

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