The Top 5 New Features on Apple iPhone 5S

Apple announced the successor to their flagship device iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S  at a event on Tuesday. the new version of the iPhone is a much improved device, the internals have changed, added new features even though it has almost the same design as iPhone 5. The device is based on a new A7 chip with 64-bit architecture. Here’s the top five features of iPhone 5S.


1. 64-bit architecture and M7 coprocessor

The new phone comes with A7 chip which is said to have a desktop-class 64 bit architecture. This simply means that the apps for iPhone %S can be written in 64-bit. The new A7 chip enhances CPU and graphics performance upto 2x faster than the A6 chip which included in the previous version. Of course, the iPhone 5S have a 64-bit version of iOS 7, apps will be more faster and energy efficient. the A7 chip has a co-processor called M7 which would take care of the data from sensors like rotation, accelerometer, gyrometer etc.

2. Touch ID – Fingerprint scanner

With new iPhone, as part of enhancing the security features, they’ve added a fingerprint scanner associated with the home button called Touch ID. Thus you can use fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone also for approving purchases from iTunes Store, the App Store. It is a capacitive sensor on the home button which has 550 ppi resolution and can scan in 360 degrees.

3. New iSight Camera

The iPhone 5S sports a 8 mega-pixel camera which has a 15% larger sensor compared to previous version allowing more light to come into it. ie, The new camera sensor has 33% more light sensitivity.  The intelligent True Tone Flash consist of two LEDs, one white and one amber. When you’ve to take a picture in low light, flash enabled, the iSight camera uses the software algorithms to analyse the color temperature of the scene so that it would adjust the flash sensitivity. You could get the perfect white light and amber combinations.

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4. FaceTime HD front-facing camera

This may be the first smartphone which has a HD-front camera for video chatting, it comes with a backside illumination sensor (BSI sensor) which allows to capture high quality images even in low light. It also supports 720-p HD video recording.

5. Improved battery life

The new iPhone 5S has a bigger battery (1570 mAh). The device offer 10 hours of talk time on 3G and same 10 hours of LTE internet usage. The 64-bit architecture and the M7 co-processor surely increases battery backup and efficiency.

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