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Android is a mobile device platform is gaining popularity not only because its a Google product but also it gives you unlimited flexibility on what you can do with your device. Before smartphones came on the scene, the ordinary mobile phone was not able to do what you want unless for what it has been programmed. But now with android as application development has become easy, we could get an app for every single need or task you want to do with your smartphone. Suppose you want to terminate voice call to a specific contact (probably your lover.. while late night conversations then fall asleep) after 30 minutes, there is an app available for it called Call Timer for the android devices.

calltimer0 calltimer1

The basic advantage of this application is the lightness and functionality. it works based on the contacts you select to activate call timings. Once you select the contacts and set the timings, every time you make a call to these contacts the application runs on the background starting a timer. Then when the call reaches a predetermined time, it hangs up automatically.  You can turn on a notification few seconds before terminating a call either vibration or sound. You can use these app for incoming as well as outgoing calls. There are some other options like auto-redial and activating periodic notifications etc. You can temporarily disable the call timer from the notification panel while on the call.

Download Call Timer from Google Play

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