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Certainly, there’s no significance in starting yet another tech blog since there are thousands of them still struggling to get a space in Blogosphere. But I got the spark to start a tech blog which has some uniqueness from other blogs. Talking about the unique blog, it means unique in every aspect. This project will be simply a user-friendly reading note for a tech enthusiast. Technology Articles, simply Technicles will deliver only unique fresh content to its readers. I can define in how many ways Technicles can be unique:

  • Uniqueness in content or matter.
  • Uniqueness in approaching technology-related problems and fixes. The author may some times teach you how to solve the problem of your computer or mobile phone using a hardware approach rather than just trying software methods. This point will be clear after you’ve become a regular reader of Technicles.
  • More electronics – more fun. Technicles will feature posts about electronic circuits and setups that will help you to simply repair a desktop or a printer that you own. Don’t rush to servicemen for simple outages.
  • Technicles will not force any reader to like our Facebook page or to click any ads. The primary aim of this blog is to provide useful information without annoying readers. Of course, we ‘ll have ads but not much to disturb you.

This blog will periodically publish articles about new technology – gadgets, Android, Apple iPhone Windows, How To ‘s, Problem fixes, software reviews, etc.

 Begin Blogging

Introducing Myself        

I am Tomin Markose, a young blogger from India started which is too tech blog. I thought about starting a fresh new self-hosted blog instead of the Google’s  Blogger hosted the previous blog so I’ve bought a hosting plan and domain to start a fresh one running WordPress. You can contact me using the contact link found on this site. I appreciate comments as well as your valuable advice to make a better blog. Keep in touch.!

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