Compiling a list of top 10 anything for India is always a tough task since the countries are extremely diverse like no other in every aspect. When it comes to picking the best youtube channels reviewing technology in India, the main problem is not analyzing the quality of the video content rather the language used. So we decided to classify the channels according to the languages used. Here are the top tech youtube channels in India for reviewing gadgets in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam.

English Tech Youtube Channels Inda


geekyranjit tech gadget reviews

Geekyranjit is the first Indian English tech channel to reach the 1 million subscriber mark. The channel mainly gives tech reviews on smartphones and occasionally with associated gadgets. The channel is run by Ranjit and he currently has almost 3 million subscribers on youtube. Socialblade estimates nearly 9 million views per month for his channel.

Gadgets 360

Gadgets 360 is an NDTV venture with almost half a million subscribers. They do tech reviews mainly on smartphones and occasionally on technologies and other gadgets. Socialblade estimates almost a million views per month for their channel.


C4ETech is another tech channel with over one and a half million subscribers on youtube reviewing smartphones and associated gadgets in English. They also do comparisons and tests to app and game recommendations. They upload from 20 to 30 videos a month. Socialblade estimates nearly 3 million video views per month on his channel.

Gadgets Portal

Tech Youtube Channels

Gadget Portals is one of the oldest Indian Tech review channels started back in 2011. They have over three hundred thousand subscribers on youtube. Smartphone reviews, tips, and tricks are the main channel content. Socialblade estimates almost a million views every month for the channel.

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Hindi Tech Youtube Channels

Technical Guruji

Technical Guruji is India’s largest tech review channel with a massive 13 million subscribers. He gives reviews on mobile phones and associated gadgets and pulls in an astonishing 40 million video views every month. If you are a native Hindi speaker, then this might be the best channel out there for you.


With almost a million subscribers, GadgetsToUse is yet another channel who does unboxing videos and tech reviews in Hindi. The channel pulls in almost 1 million video views every month according to the social blade.

My Smart Support

The content featured is more on technology reviews and updates rather than complete gadget reviews. With over a million subscribers, My Smart Support channel has almost 2 million views per month according to Socialblade.

Tech Indian

Tech Youtube Channels

The channel features unboxing videos, reviews, tech news, tips and tricks, tutorials, etc among other things. It has almost half a million subs in just about three years after it was launched. The channel pulls in about 300,000 views every month according to Socialblade.

The Nutri Gurl

The channel features mobile unboxing, mobile testing, mobile comparison, mobile reviews among other things. It has over 1 million subscribers after the channel launched in 2016. The channel brings in astonishing 4 million video views every month.

Techno Ruhez

The channel deals with reviews of the latest phones, PCs, gadgets and tips and tricks involving technologies. With over 1.5 million subscribers, the channel pulled in an incredible 14 million video views in a month.

Tamil Tech Youtube Channels


This is the largest channel on youtube that does tech reviews in Tamil. The channel has almost 1.5 million subscribers and brings in over 4 million video views every month. It mainly does mobile phone reviews.

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Tamil TechGuruji

The tech channel reviews all kinds of cool gadgets from headphones to smartwatches and occasionally does mobile reviews as well. This channel does the entire videos in Tamil and has about seven hundred thousand subscribers. According to Socialblade, the channel pulls in about seven hundred thousand views every month on average.

Top10 Tamil

A Tamil tech Youtube channel bringing in tips in tricks from the field of technology, this channel has over a million subscribers. The channel pulls in almost 2 million views every month.

Malayalam Tech Youtube Channels

Jayaraj G Nath

One of the largest tech review channels in Malayalam, this channel reviews mobile phones, headsets among other things. The channel has over seven hundred thousand subscribers that brings him about the same number of views every month.

Unboxing dude

Another large tech review Youtube channel in Malayalam, this channel features reviews of phones and tech tips and tricks. The channel has almost seven hundred thousand subscribers and pulls in over 4 million views some months which is extremely impressive for a regional language YouTuber.

Gadgets One Malayalam Tech Tips

Gadgets one review mobile phones and other associated gadgets in Malayalam. With almost half a million subscribers, the tech Youtube channel brings in almost a million views every month.

Ebadu Rahman Tech

From mobile phones, electric cars to electric cyles, this channel has diverse content related to technology. The channel is almost at half a million subscribers and they pull in massive one million views every month.


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