Best Fitness Bands under Rs.1000

Are you looking for some decent entry-level Fitness bands? Maybe for your kids, maybe for someone not ready for an expensive Fitband. Amazon offers a wide variety of fitness bands under Rs.1000 that you wouldn’t spot in any retail stores. Here we review the best of the lot and helps you choose one that fits your requirements.

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Mi Band 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Fit e Fitness Bands Comparison

Watches are not just for telling the time anymore. They have becomes advanced with amazing features that would help you to monitor your work life and your personal life. They will track your calorie count, they will notify you about your emails. Here we compare two budget fit watches from the two leading brands in the field, The Mi Band 4 and the Samsung Galaxy fit e.

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Mi Band 4: Review and Comparison with Mi Band 3

The  Mi Band 4 fitness tracker has been officially released in China and will be soon coming to the west. The Mi Band 3 were the best selling wearable fitness tracking device so far from Xiaomi and it does offer quite a lot of features for its price.

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Mi Band 2 vs Lenovo HX03 Spectra Comparison : Which Smart Band is a Better Buy?

When it comes to choosing a smart band especially in the budget range, we have got quite a lot of options. The most popular Mi Band 2 and the comparatively new kid in town Lenovo HX03 Spectra are two best candidates for a comparison. On the outside, it may seem only changes in the display comparing both the budget smart fitness bands but when we look closer, there are much more differences when we are actually using both of them.

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Honor Band 3 Pros And Cons : Budget Fitness Band

Huawei honor band 3 is fitness band officially sold by Honor. It is available in India in Amazon for Rs. 2799. Evident from price, it is targeting people who needs a fitness band with all the basic features not making their pocket empty. This posts basically contrasts the major pros and cons of the honor band 3 so that you can take your decision confidently whether to buy this band or check out another one.

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Smart Watches Vs Smart Fitness Bands Which Is Better?

Smartwatches and smart fitness bands are two main members among the wearable gadgets. Which one should you buy, a smartwatch or a smart band?. Lets discuss which one would be suitable for you.

smart watch smart band comparison

Smartwatches are very good looking in firsthand, they have plenty of features and most of them are fitted with a beautiful led screen which can be used as a limited alternative to smartphones.

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