Motorola Pace 100 vs Boat Bassheads 100 : Earphones comparison

Motorola Pace 100 and Boat BassHeads 100 are two of the best low budget in-ear earphones available in the market. Coming in at just under four hundred rupees, they are the top-selling earphones of this price range. But which one is better? Here we compare Motorola Pace 100 vs Boat Bassheads 100 for all the specifications of the two earphones to help you decide which one to purchase.

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Mi Basic Budget Earphones Review – Pros and Cons

Xiaomi has a couple of earphones that can be categorized as budget earphones. Now with the Rs. 399 version of the earphone, Xiaomi is reaching out to those who can’t afford costly earphones but to give the maximum quality at this price point. Let’s check out the Mi basic budget earphones and find out if they are any good.

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Future J3 Earphones Review : Best Budget Earphone?

The Future J3 is a relatively new In-Ear earphone in budget range. It is available exclusively on Amazon and will reach you within couple of days after ordering. Here’s a review of the Future J3 earphone which is less known but gaining popularity since I can see many people ordering the earphone just by hearing the reviews from other who already bought it.

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