boAt Rugby vs JBL GO : Comparison of Best Budget Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless speakers are speakers that work on the Bluetooth technology which does not require you to carry around complex connector cables. They can be taken with you wherever you need to go without worrying about the availability of power outlets as they run on rechargeable batteries that guarantee you over five hours of playback time which varies from model to model.

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Portronics SoundDrum vs Sound One Drum Bluetooth Speaker Comparison

Bluetooth speakers are the new trend when it comes to modern standards of acoustic experiences. The age-old versions of speakers with their entangled wires and the need for a power outlet every time you want to play some loud music are long gone. With the most modern technologies, Bluetooth wireless speakers offer the obvious advantages of portability and compactness without having to reduce the quality of your audio experience.

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JBL Clip 3 vs JBL GO 2 Bluetooth Speakers Comparison

Wireless speakers are loved all around the world by the musicophiles and generally outgoing people who love spontaneous lifestyles. You can carry them around in your backpacks without having to worry about plugging it into a power outlet or even a music source. They work with the Bluetooth technology but can also be used like traditional speakers by plugging in the 3.5 mm jack.

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JBL Go vs JBL Go 2 Wireless Speakers Comparison

Wired speakers are a thing of the past now. In modern times, wireless speakers have all but replaced the headache of having entangled wires and plug sockets ruin your pleasant music listening experience. Wireless speakers have mainly two advantages. One is obviously the wireless aspect and more importantly, they serve an important function of portability which the wired speakers cannot offer.

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Boat Stone 200 vs Philips BT50B – Wireless Speakers Comparison

Wireless Speakers are handy gadgets to have around in your house especially if you are a musicophile. The obvious advantage of being wireless and avoiding all the headaches of the entangled wires around your device is not the only thing that sets these devices apart. The portability is another unique advantage of buying a wireless speaker compared to a regular speaker that always require a power supply plug nearby.

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JBL GO vs Philips BT4200/94 : Wireless Speaker Comparison

A portable Bluetooth speaker is much more convenient to use than its wired predecessor for obvious reasons. It’s a perfect companion for a sunny day at the beach or for nights out in a campfire. Also, wireless portable speakers are a great addition to any home for working in the garden, when your phone’s speakers are just not good enough or for listening to music during a nice relaxing bath. 

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Mivi Octave Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review, Pros and Cons

Mivi, An electronics and accessories company has recently released a wireless ( Bluetooth) speaker in India called the Mivi Octave. As advertised, Mivi Octave is a 16W Bluetooth speaker but from the looks of it, it’s like a mini home pod.  There is a  large variety of Bluetooth speakers available in India both budgets oriented like the JBL Go or the Logitech X100 which will cost you with 2000-3000 and premium ones like the Bose soundlink which can go beyond 10000-15000.

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