How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free (Legally)

The best thing about android phones are the availability of plenty of apps. Unlike iPhones where you have the limited apps available in iTunes store, android users have the freedom to install apps other than they get from Google play store. If you are android app developer and you publish an app that is not available in play store, you can distribute the apk file of your application online so that others can install easily install the app in their smartphone.

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How To Delete/Disable Unwanted Apps In MIUI Without Root

This is a very popular question among android users. Android phone you purchase comes with  a lot of bloatware, unwanted apps, some Google apps you wont even open in your life. Removing or disabling these unwanted applications from your device not only saves memory but cleans up your home screen so that it ease up your search through apps to find the one app you want.

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