10 Best Android Music Players That Plays Mp3, WMA, OGG

Playing music on the default player on your smartphones is not always a good experience. Some do not even have the option to minimize the audio player. However, plenty of amazing applications are available on the Google Playstore that gives you the best acoustic experience. These mp3 player apps are the best options to listen to music on your phone.

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3D Surround Music Player – Android’s Alternative To iOS Boom ?

All those who are using an iPhone might have used a music app called Boom. Now, if you ask what is special about it – Unlike other music playing apps out there, it provides 3D surround sound effects for your normal mp3 files.There are few android music player apps out thereĀ  which already has these features, but by the arrival of 3D Surround Music Player, android users can also claim that they have a premium quality music app which has all those features that Boom Provides.

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