5 Best Apps to Find Rooms for Rent in India/Bengaluru

Back in the day one had to check local classifieds or find a trustworthy broker to find a good place to rent. Even then, you will have to go to the place to see the condition of the place. Now there are several apps available on the Google playstore that make your job of finding a room to rent easier than ever before.

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10 Must Have New Android Apps in 2019

There is numerous app on Android smartphones that are sure to make your life easier and more fun. Here we list some of the brand new exciting apps of 2019 that are a must have on your smartphone. These are some of the cool and interesting android apps that I found interesting.

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Best Apps to Edit Videos For TikTok – Top Tiktok Video Editors

TikTok is on its way to overtake youtube as the number one video sharing website in the world. People of various age produce creative content of a maximum one-minute duration on the app. Here we list a few tiktok video editing apps for android that will help you to edit your videos by adding music, effects and so much more and create the most amazing videos that may make you famous overnight.

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Best Android Learning Apps for Kids – 2019

Using the new opportunities provided to us by the internet and smartphones for teaching our toddlers from a very young age is not something unheard of these days. Kids spend a lot of time on the parents’ smartphones these days. How about utilizing that time to teach them some basics with some free, fun and simple learning app.

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Best Hindi to English Translation Apps for Android

The world is closer than ever in 2019. With contacts and relations booming across the globe with a finger touch, if you struggle with the language barriers, there are plenty of Hindi to English translation apps out there that can help you in overcoming those barriers. Here are the best apps available in the google play store that provides Hindi to English translations.

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Best 6 Quote Creator Apps For Android – 2019

Ever since the invention of social media, especially Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook  – people love to talk about their feelings and thoughts by posting quotes on their wall. The normal text-based WhatsApp statuses and Facebook updates are more effective when it is written on a meaningful picture. So if you have something in your mind, how are you planning to draw it on a picture?.

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