Sony’s SmartWatch 2: Water resistant Android SmartWatch with NFC

The Japan electronics giant today announced the second member of their SmartWatch family. The Sony SamrtWatch 2 accommodates a bigger touch screen of 1.6 inches (SmartWatch 1 has 1.3 inches screen) and included new features like NFC and Water resistance. This product also lets you to answer callas and read emails. As the Smart watch market is growing very slowly, this move from sony to renovate the Smart watch seems to be smart move.


Here’s some of the special features of Sony SamrtWatch 2:

  • Made of aluminium – 24mm stainless steel wristband
  • Xperia like power button
  • Transflective LCD panel gives better visibility outdoors.
  • Standard microUSB port for charging (So the SmartWatch 2 can be charged using any microUSB cable)
  • onboard NFC – easy to pair with your headset
  • Compatibility to apps for original SmartWatch 1
  • Bluetooth 3.0


The drawback of the first smartwatch from sony was the higher price tag and it was not even water resistant. Now, we dont have enough information about the pricing and availability of this gadget, we can hope that the device will live up to its expectations.

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