We have been comparing and reviewing quite a lot of wireless Bluetooth based earphones and headphones lately, all stereo music listening type. But one of our reader asked to suggest a good Mono Bluetooth headset which does its job of calling and conferencing perfectly with a good battery backup. I came across Sony MBH20 and here’s the review. I know this is pretty old product but considering its quality and popularity, this could be your best bet.

Here’s the specifications and features offered by Sony MBH20

  • Ear clip design
  • 7 hours of talk time (200 hours standby time)
  • Light weight
  • Can be paired with any Bluetooth smartphone or tablet
  • Hands free calling and music playback
  • Bluetooth v3.0

Sony MBH20 Bluetooth Headset Review

As you have seen from the specifications it just do exactly what is said. It has an ear clip design which helps it from falling down from your ears even if you are walking, jogging or doing exercise. You can even use to get navigation instructions from your Maps application while driving a car or motorcycle.

It is made of fiber material and follows a simplistic design format. Sony MBH20 doesn’t have any metal parts anywhere which results in a lightweight product. It is easily portable and can carry easily in your pocket.

There’s a micro USB port on the top which allows you to charge the device, and a button on the sides to turn the device on/off. The headset comes in two colors – black and white. I like the black version personally.

Comfort in wearing

When it comes to fitting comfortably in the ears, people have different opinions on this product. As you might have seen from the images given, it doesn’t have a ear plug which actually enters into the ear canal, but an bigger sized bud which covers your entire ear canal. The clip provides certain grip and level of confidence to you while wearing it. For most people there shouldn’t be any problem using this.

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Paring: This is the easiest part. Just tap on the power button and turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone. If the green light blinks on the device means it is ready for pairing.

Music quality

If you want to hear songs all the time –  go for a stereo wireless earphones like Chevron Wireless. It is just okay for music listening as you dont get any stereo effect or complete isolation from outside noise as it is a mono headset.

Call Quality

But Sony MBH20 is really a beast when it comes to call quality. Every word is crisp and clear if your network doesn’t have any issues.I tested it with Jio 4G VoLTE in India and it is super clear for voice calls. Also, you can simultaneously connect two smartphones to do conference calls.

Sony MBH20 Bluetooth Headset




Build quality


Music quality


Call quality


Battery life



  • Best call quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy paring


  • Design could have been better
  • Falls from ear sometimes
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