Solution for Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working While Opening doc or docx

Microsoft office might be the most trustful companion in your computer if you’re a student or an office-man. Here’s I’m gonna discuss about a problem with MS word 2010, may be a fraction of you people have already been through this. That is, when you’re double clicking on a doc or docx file to open it – It wont open successfully rather it shows a message “Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working”. I too had this problem of reading doc and docx files on word, but you can open the word standalone and create new files without any problem. But when you try to open a file, it wont work.

MSWORD error

I searched online for a solution and finally ended up in two possible solutions for this particular problem. One for temporary that will instantly allow you to open a word file and the second workaround will is a permanent and most stable one. Let’s get into the business.

“Microsoft Word Has Stopped Working” – possible solutions found:

1. Open the file in Compatibility mode [Temporary solution]

I was able to open the doc and docx files in word in compatibility mode. To do this, PRESS AND HOLD SHIFT KEY while double clicking a file. This will start the word file with [Compatibility Mode] in title. This mode allows support of earlier versions of word.

2. Delete the culprit – Bluetooth add-in

Do these steps as it is:

  • In Windows 7, goto control panel > User Accounts-> Change User Account Control Settings
  • Move down the slider to bottom position
  • Restart System
  • Start MS WORD by by double clicking the exe file. (Assuming you have no problems while opening word independently)
  • Click Start > Settings > Add-ins on the left
  • Find and remove “Send to Bluetooth”
  • Once again move on to User Accounts-> Change User Account Control Settings > Reset UAC by setting the notch to the top position.
  • Restart the system.
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These are the solutions that I found working. If you have any query or suggestions, please drop them in the comments section.

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