Users, in general, cannot stand the Notch area that makes your screen look handicapped. No matter how you look at it, the whole notch concept is just plain ugly. The teardrop-shaped notch is indeed bound to cause teardrops in your eyes thinking about the ‘genius’ who designed it. Fortunately, someone has found a way to make it a little less annoying if that is even possible. An app is designed to show the battery status around the notch so that you have good reason to look at the notch. This works in almost all smartphones that have a notch like Redmi Note 7 Pro or One Plus 6t or even OnePlus 7.

Show Battery Status Around Notch Using Notch Pie

Show Battery Status Around Notch - Notch Pie

Notch Pie is an app that can generate an overlay on your phone’s status bar just around the notch area that can show battery status. This app will help to make the notch area more useful. It is an indicator showing your current battery level. The app also provides the feature to change the color of the indicator by pressing on the corresponding color level and by setting it according to your likings. Follow the steps given below to access this feature.

  • Download the Notch Pie app here.
  •  Once you download it, open the app and grant all the permissions required for the app to function. The app will require permission to draw over other apps to show the overlay.
  • When you open the app you will get four different tabs namely Notch settings, Config settings, Battery Level settings and an about section. These sections help to set up the overlay
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Notch Settings

  • In the notch settings tab, you can choose the presets which are essentially the shape of the indicator wrapped around the notch. You can choose from the three given options namely Rounded, Teardrop, and Medium.
  • The other settings are regarding the dimensions of the indicator. You can set the height, width, Notch size, Top radius, and Bottom Radius by scrolling the given bar.

Configuration Settings

  • It has four settings namely Full status, Show Background, Charging Animation and Landscape support.
  • If you enable the full status option, it will always show 100% status on the overlay irrespective of the battery level.
  • When you enable the Show Background option, the app will show a background of the given color behind the battery status.
  • If you enable the charging animation option, the app will animate the overlay while charging.
  • Enabling the landscape support option will enable the overlay to work in landscape mode as well.

Battery Level Settings

  • With this option, you can set personalized colors to specific battery levels. The indicator color can be made to vary from one color to another while charging and discharging. It provides an option to gradually shift the color from a starting color to an ending color.
  • You can set this under the ‘Defined’ option.
  • The app can show a red color for the area around the notch when the battery is 0% to 5% and green when the battery level is between 90 to 100. It will show an orange color for every level between 5 to 90.
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Notch pie settings


For Xiaomi users :

The Xiaomi Mi user interface kills the overlay and the entire feature once you exit the Notch Pie app. To fix this, use the following method.

Go o additional settings>accessibility service> enable the NotchPie accessibility service.

The app is an open-source app. Therefore it is not filled with ads. The ad-free app, therefore, would not interfere with your smartphone experience.

Notch pie results

The picture above shows the phone showing the battery level around the notch area. As can be seen from the picture above, the battery is above 90% charged.

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