Shopify – Best Ecommerce Platform in India?

India has just crossed the threshold as one of the highest mobile user markets in the world. This means their population is highly connected to the internet, and is easily marketed to.  The buying power of the Indian market has been heavily speculated upon. The market is just beginning to be tapped into as investors and e-commerce experts around the world scramble to get their piece of the pie.

The options available for web business owners interested in starting their own web store or eCommerce business are abundant.  New businesses are appearing every day, and it’s important now more than ever to ensure the right tools are used when starting a business.  The best eCommerce platform in India to many isn’t up for debate.

The volatility of the new Indian market has yet to be established.  Regardless, the best way to combat volatility and potential issues is to start off using something that is both adaptable and cost efficient.

Shopify has been touted as the best ecommerce platform available.  When compared to other eCommerce platforms, the Shopify team has worked to streamline the process of setting up and running an eCommerce store.  Without a host of expensive setup fees, hosting costs, and tiered options for starting an eCommerce shop without unnecessary features whilst having the right support, Shopify is a cut above the rest.

Shopify’s best features include:

  1. Ease Of Use
  2. Price Point
  3. Customization
  4. Optimization
  5. Lite + Pro options

Shopify’s ease of use comes from a minimalistic design for their dashboard.  The learning curve for adding products, adding meta tags, prices, and more is very low.  Anyone with basic tech skills can easily pick up how to use Shopify’s important features. This makes it prime for both new business owners, marketing teams, and those wanting to get their feet wet when using ecommerce.

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The advantage of Indian users is the language features Shopify offers.  Both for client side and customer side use, the language settings include Urdu and other major languages used in India, making it easier for site setup and site usage.

Shopify Lite, for those wanting to add as little as 25 products to the store or use it as an add on to a blog, runs as low as $7 a month.  It’s perfect business owners wanting to test a new idea or for the entrepreneur running on a low budget.  The low cost for site maintenance and site setup ensure startup owners an easier time bootstrapping their business.  The customization options are inexpensive considering the potent features available.

For those that already run a web store and are considering transferring, their support staff plays a key role in easing the transition. The enterprise level solution, Shopify Pro, is able to handle any influx of buyers with robust options for optimizing sales and marketing strategy with a dedicated support concierge.

The best ecommerce platform in India is Shopify. Other platforms either have a high learning curve, require a third party expert or programmer, and can limit growth if a client’s budget isn’t high.  Shopify combines the best support, platform, and price all to make running an ecommerce business as successful as possible.

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