Budget headphones are most popular in shopping sites. Companies like JBL, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica are top among producing budget headphones with mic and has good quality. Here we are going to compare Sennheiser CX 180 vs JBL C100SI vs ATH-CLR100 (Audio-Technica) In-ear headphones so that you will get an idea of which is better. All these ear phones are priced very competitively and available at less than 1000  rupees. If you want good quality audio and durability, all the three are good choice. Let’s break down their pros and cons so that you will understand each one’s drawbacks and advantages.

Look at this quick comparison table which shows the specifications of these earphones:

Sennheiser CX 180 vs JBL C100SI vs ATH-CLR100 Headphones Comparison

Model Microphone
Link to buy
Sennheiser CX 180 Street II No 845.00
JBL C100SI Yes 899.00
Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK No 690.00

One of the major concerns while buying a budget earphone is the availability of mic. I made a mistake long back buying earphones without a mic. It was very difficult during calls to disconnect the earphones and attend calls. From the table above, it is very clear that only JBL C100SI is the only earphone with mic here. So if you are looking for earphones which has built in microphone, JBL C100S would be your choice.

Let us discuss about each earphone in detail.

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II In-Ear Headphone

This is one of the India’s highest selling earphones out there. These headphones comes with a 2 year warranty, the cable provided is 1.2 meters long and it comes with noise cancellation. The cable is very thin, prone to tangles but the in hand feel is nice. There is no mic included with this earphones, as well as no audio control buttons. This means you can’t change tracks or change volume using these headphones.

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The 3.5 mm jack is gold plated so it is expected to reduce unwanted noise. You are provided with 3 additional ear plugs to use according to your ear size. Coming to sound, this earphone is bass centric, provides absolutely stunning music quality. If you are looking for headphones providing good quality music, go for it.

One thing to note about this earphones is that, ear piece gets damaged easily if you keep them in prolonged and large vibrations. This happened to me and my friend has also got the same issue. So keep that in mind.

JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones

These are rated under best budget earphones in india today. This one made completely out of plastic. Like other JBL earphones the ear plugs are soft. Aires may not feel premium as you do on CX180 but they are pretty good. This earphone comes with a microphone and a call attend/reject button which is handy. There is no additional buttons for volume control. The single button can be used for multiple functions like play, pause, next track etc.

The cable is 2 meters long which is way longer compared to CX 180 they are tangle free too. The gold plated 3.5 mm jack will ensure durability and better connectivity.

Talking about sound, the base output is decent enough – but not overpowering. The treble is really sounds good on this earphones. mids and vocals can be a little muddy at times.

Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-Ear Headphones

Well, this one is the most inexpensive among the three earphones. This earphone plugs are arranged angular so it fits in perfectly in your ears. Like Sennheiser CX180, this earphone cable length is also on the shorter side compared to JBL C100SI – 1.2 meters.

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When it comes to music quality, this one just beats CX 180 and JBL. The sound quality is amazing on this earphones, the vocals are crisp and clear. You might be disappointed if you are a base savvy person, base is not overpowering on this one. But whenever there is base, it really feels.

It is also worth to note that these earphones are really lightweight. This one weighs around 4 grams which is really light.

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