Samsung has just come up with an updated version to its sporty model, the Samsung Galaxy watch Active. The smartwatch lineup from Samsung had been bringing up new models every once in a while. If you remember correctly, the Active was introduced as an upgraded model for the Galaxy watch. Competing against other Fitbits and the Apple Watch, Samsung has introduced some new features in the new model, named as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. Let’s compare its features to the Galaxy watch Active vs Active 2.

Galaxy Watch Active vs Active 2

Galaxy watch Active vs Active 2

Functions of Active.

  • Samsung Galaxy Active was able to track your progress while detecting up to six different exercises. It could track up to 39¬† different exercise routines.
  • Another function of the watch was that it could track your sleep patterns.
  • The Galaxy Active also could send you real-time alerts about low or high heart rates. Tracking the health of your heart was one of the main attractions when the watch initially came out.

Functions of Active 2

  • Just like its predecessor, Galaxy watch can also track your progress in 39 different exercises.
  • The watch offers stress tracking with a guided meditation.
  • Just the Active, Active 2 can also analyze your sleep patterns.
  • It also comes up with an improved running coach feature which was not present in the previous model. It will enable you to monitor real-time pace metrics.
  • Fitness tracking and blood pressure monitoring results in Active was not accurate. This time it is expected to be better.


  • Both Active and Active 2 is compatible with Samsung smartphones and other Android devices using Android OS 5.0 and above. It is also compatible with iPhone 5 and above.
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Features of Galaxy Active

  • With the Active, you could sync the watch to your phone and play your music and get message notifications on your watch. Active 2 also retains these features.
  • Although both devices could monitor a few of your health conditions, neither should be used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • With the Galaxy Active, Samsung Pay was not available on iOS phones.
  • After the initial setup, Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch could make at least five transactions without reconnecting to the internet. Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch required network connection through LTE or Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth pairing with compatible smartphones.

Features of Galaxy Active 2

  • The major improvement made with the Active 2 over its predecessor is its LTE support.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 comes in two models, Bluetooth only and Bluetooth +LTE models.
  • ¬†With LTE support, you will be able to make and receive phone calls and text from your smartphone without connecting to any smartphones.
  • The new Active 2 also supports real-time voice and text translation in over sixteen languages.
  • The watch also has the ability to tweets and watch videos.
  • With the new watch, you can take a photo of your outfit, and choose the color of the watch face that matches your dress.
  • It also connects to Spotify to listen to music.


  • Both watches are similar in design and size. Both are thin, light, and durable.
  • The 2 watches are designed to meet military specifications and passed tests against ten specific conditions like dropping from over 5 feet, extreme temperatures, dust, shock/ vibration, and low pressure.
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Battery Life

The battery life of the Galaxy Active was not so impressive. It barely lasted a day on full charge since it had a lot of features like GPS. Now that the new Active 2 has even more features, we could only hope the new watch matches the expectations.

Water Resistance

  • Galaxy Active was water-resistant up to fifty meters as per the ISO standards. You wouldn’t be able to use the Active model for Scuba diving. Active 2 is also expected to retain these features.

Cons of Galaxy Active

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of Galaxy Watch Active was the lack of a rotating bezel. Why this feature was omitted from the Active version when it was one of the highlights for the versions before it was baffling.
  • The rotating bezel was an easy way for navigating around the UI. It is expected to make a comeback in the Active 2.
  • Another major con experienced by users while using the Galaxy Active was the inaccuracy in fitness tracking and blood pressure monitoring.
  • The Active model also did not support MST payments with Samsung Pay.

Pros of Active 2 over Galaxy Active

  • Samsung decided to bring back the rotating bezel for the Active 2 after listening to the backlash from its users following its omission from the Active model.
  • The rotating bezel is digital touch-enabled which allows you to navigate through different pages of the user interface by swiping around the watch’s bezel. This is especially useful when it comes to scrolling through a small display.
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